"Uncommonly good" video game logo design drives Reddit wild

 Sea of Thieves logo
Sea of Thieves logo

We've seen plenty of logos with hidden messages over the years, from Amazon's secret 'smile' to the famous FedEx arrow. But it's not often we encounter a logo with not one, not two but, er, eight (or possibly more?) images inside it. Thanks to its bounty of visual easter eggs, the logo for pirate-themed video game Sea of Thieves has seriously impressed the internet – again. The game was released in 2018, but the logo is once again doing the rounds on Reddit.

It's a skull. But there's also a boat. And a rock. And clouds And an eyepatch. And a crew. Birds, too. Oh, and there's a shark. Unless there's anything else we haven't spotted yet (which is entirely possible), that's every element that combines to create the incredible, multi-faceted design (below). Many of the best logos are cleverer than they look, but this one's a real treasure.

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Reddit users have heaped praise on this treasure of a design. "I’ve always loved this logo. Honestly genius," one says, while another adds, "I've somehow never looked at it long enough to notice all those details. It's actually really clever". Many have also shared an even more richly illustrated version (below) from the game's loading screen, which still manages to look like a skull.

Sea of Thieves loading screen

We're big fans of the design, which manages to blend an incredible amount of relevant imagery into a coherent whole. The clouds/ship/eyepatch combo is a particularly inspired touch, with all three elements working both separately and together.

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