Uncertainty around the NFL season

Uncertainty around the NFL season

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TEREZ PAYLOR: Camp starts here within two weeks, guys. I'm just saying, that's kind of disturbing. No idea on preseason games. No idea on daily testing, or semi-daily testing, or whatever. I've already said that they don't know exactly what the testing is going to be. No idea on how a potential positive COVID tests would affect contracts, roster spots.

Again, nothing has been agreed upon. Charles, what do you make of the uncertain nature [? of ?] well, quite frankly, the 2020 season and what it's going to look like?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, I mean, well, look, all that was huge. Everything that he just-- but he also left out a monster, OK? The money, what's going to happen financially. What's going to happen if-- because I'm going to tell you right now. The NFL is not sitting here going, NFLPA has a yet-to-be-expressed thought. The players should be paid no matter what. Even if they don't play a single game, everybody should be paid this year.

They have another express thought that, if one game gets played, everybody gets paid. They have another express thought that if people show up on the first day of training camp, they all should be paid the totality. I can tell you, the NFL don't agree on these things. And so that's another huge one.

I thought what was interesting to me was, you know, talking to some guys the last couple of days, there's and we said this on Tuesday's show. There's a growing sense of pessimism. I was relating that growing sense of pessimism. What I thought was, one of the things I took away-- and I'm just, let's just talk about the most basic, important things. One of them I thought was really interesting was-- and you said, we don't other forms of the testing. Is it going to be swabs? Is it going to be saliva? Is it going to be this? Is it going to be that?

He says to me, well, from what I understand-- but we haven't been told expressly that this is going to be the case-- we will test three times a week. And it will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And the reason why we're going to do it Monday, Wednesday and Friday is because we have been told it will take us 24 hours to get all the test results back. So we'll get the results Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

That's supposedly how it's supposed to go. But no one's told them for sure this is going to happen. Again, a little piece of information here.

TEREZ PAYLOR: It's good.

CHARLES ROBINSON: It's personal.

TEREZ PAYLOR: It's good.

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