An Unaired Engagement on Love Is Blind Is Causing Major Drama Off-Screen

Warning: Love Is Blind Season 4 “After the Altar” spoilers ahead. As one of three engagements that were never shown on TV, it’s understandable why fans have questions about why Monica and Josh broke up on Love Is Blind Season 4 and where they are now after their explosive fight with Jackie during the “After the Altar” special.

Monica Rodriguez and Josh Demas were two of 30 contestants from Love Is Blind season 4, which premiered on Netflix on March 24, 2023 and followed 15 men and 15 women from the Seattle, Washington, as they speed-dated  in “Pods” where they can talk but not see each other. During their 10 days in “The Pods”, the couples decide if they wanted to get engaged—still sight unseen—or end their relationships for a better connection with someone else. After the proposal, the couples meet face-to-face for the first time and go on a honeymoon, where they learn more about each other and meet the other couples. After the trip, the couples, who all live in the same city, return to the real world and move into an apartment together as they meet each other’s families and friends and prepare for their weddings. At the altar on their wedding days, the couples must decide whether to marry or breakup as they answer the age-old question of if love can be truly blind.

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Since Love Is Blind premiered on Netlix in 2020, the show has become one of service’s highest-rated series, with more than 30 million views in its first two months. “Across the world, everybody feels the same way: Everyone wants to be loved for who they are on the inside. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like, how old you are, what your background is, which class you know, or social structure you feel like you’re a part of, everyone wants to be loved for who they are,” creator Chris Coelen told Variety in 2020. “In today’s society we’ve got all these ways to find love through dating apps and technology. Those things sort of counterintuitively have made people feel disposable. They’ve made people feel like it’s all surface level. It does the opposite thing it was supposed to do. So we thought, what if we took everybody’s devices away, how could we get them to focus on connecting with other people?”

Coelen also told Variety about how the connections on Love Is Blind were based on choice, which is why the relationships were that much stronger. “It was incredibly scary because nobody had to do anything, versus a show like we do Married at First Sight, you sign up and you know, you’re getting married to a stranger. Here, nobody had to do anything. It was if you find someone, if you choose. Which is so scary. They don’t have to go through with the wedding ceremony,” he said. “But assuming they found someone, could that love overcome any judgment in the real world? That’s an incredibly fascinating question. And that’s what we set out to try to examine.”

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But back to Monica and Josh. So… why did Monica and Josh break up from Love Is Blind Season 4 and where are they now? Read on for what we know about Monica and Josh’s breakup on Love Is Blind Season 4 and their on and off-screen drama.

Why Did Monica and Josh Break Up From Love Is Blind Season 4?

Why did Monica and Josh break up from Love Is Blind Season 4? Monica Rodriguez hinted in an Instagram post in April 2023 that she and Josh Demas got engaged before he got back together with Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds on Love Is Blind Season 4. “LIB ENGAGEMENT ALERT*** Since EVERYONE was given the opportunity to share their stores, I can finally tell mine,” Monica captioned a photo of her engagement ring. “Many of you have messaged me about my journey asking if I found love in the pods. As many of you might know, not all stories are shown on camera. When I joined Love is Blind I was truly ready to find the love of my life. I had spent intentional time working on myself and ensuring I was who I wanted to be, for myself and my future partner. I wanted to show up emotionally/mentally healthy and available.”

She continued, “This experiment encouraged me to be vulnerable and share parts of myself that are not easily accessible. As my relationships began to develop, I thought I had found somebody who finally saw me and accepted me for me. I accepted his proposal and we were onto the reveal.”

In her post, Monica explained that she and Josh broke up after she had doubts he was The One following their reveal. “During the reveal, reality set in and my heart and mind were torn. I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision or picked the right person,” she wrote. “The only thing I did know was that you shouldn’t feel torn on your engagement day. It should be a decision in your life that is made with great confidence and no second thoughts.”

She continued, “This is when I realized that this wasn’t gods plan for me. I wasn’t at peace with my decision and ended our engagement shortly after filming. Since then, I have continued to work on myself and am grateful to Love is Blind for the opportunity to participate in an experiment where people really do find their person. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. I’m proud of myself for giving love another chance. I continue to keep an open heart for the person god has single-handedly designed for me. Thank you for reaching out and for all the love and support you’ve sent my way. May everyone find their someone one day.”

Monica also confirmed that she kept Josh’s engagement ring. “And yes, I kept the ring 💍 @loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindfinale,” she wrote. Though Monica didn’t name Josh in her post, fans discovered that her fiance was Josh based on articles about other engaged men who weren’t shown in Love Is Blind Season 4. Along with Monica and Josh, two other engagements also weren’t shown in Love Is Blind Season 4, according to Netflix’s Tudum site: Jimmy Fode and Wendi Kong; and Ava Van Jenson and JP Shultz.

Monica appeared at cast party on Love Is Blind Season 4’s “After the Altar” special, where she got into an argument with Josh and Jackie, who was her best friend while filming in The Pods, over her Instagram post. Josh and Jackie felt like Monica trying to cause drama with her post, while Monica claimed that she just wanted to tell her side of her story that wasn’t shown on TV. In an interview with People in September 2023, Chelsea Griffin, another Love Is Blind Season 4 cast member, slammed Monica for still being hung up on Josh. “You can’t go into something like that and not expect some drama,” she said. “Everybody has feelings and everyone’s a human being, and they all had their experience on Love Is Blind. And that’s what I wanted to reiterate there.”

Chelsea continued, “My stance was like, ‘Well, hold on. We don’t need to go there. Yes, it happened, but let’s just acknowledge all of your experiences. And Josh, if you’re with Jackie and you’re happy, let’s be that.’ I just wanted everyone to acknowledge and accept because I feel like that’s a beautiful way and the only way to move on.”

Chelsea also explained she wanted to stay out of Monica, Josh, and Jackie’s drama. “I was just there and it was coming to me and I was like, ‘OK, well if it’s coming to me, I’m going to say how would I feel about it.’ Nobody can come up to me and ever think they’re not going to get a rational point of view,” she said. “Everybody, go home, be happy. Live their lives.”

Kwame Appiah, who married Chelsea on Love Is Blind Season 4, also gave his take on Monica, Josh, and Jackie’s love triangle. “I saw it out of the corner of my eye. For most of that night, I was talking to Brett [Brown] and Marshall [Glaze]. We were kind of in our own world,” he told People. “I was really just all on the good vibes bandwagon that night. I was not trying to be part of any drama.”

He continued, “I don’t really talk or associate with Josh and Jackie in my regular days, so it’s not something that I had to force in that situation. I wasn’t just going to be like, ‘Oh, we’re all here. Let’s force a conversation.’ So when I saw them having their own moment, I just said, ‘It wouldn’t be right for me to force myself into something that I don’t, in our regular day lives, have any impact on.’”

Are Josh and Jackie Still Together From Love Is Blind Season 4?

Are Jackie and Josh still together from Love Is Blind season 4? The answer is yes. Jackelina Bonds and Josh Demas met in The Pods on Love Is Blind season 4, but didn’t get engaged after Jackie broke up with Josh to get engaged to Marshall. Jackie and Marshall broke up in episode 10 after Jackie skipped her wedding dress fitting and and went on a date with Josh, where they kissed.

Jackie and Josh confirmed they were still together during the Love Is Blind Season 4 “After the Altar” special in September 2023, in which they moved into their first apartment together. TikTok user @snowflake1971 confirmed Jackie and Josh were still together with a video of them at a Seattle Mariners game in March 2023. “look who I seen last night,” the user captioned the video, which showed Jackie and Josh walking to their seats. In April 2023, an anonymous Instagram account believed to be Jackie’s friend also allegedly leaked a group text between Jackie and her friends at the time she broke up with Marshall to be with Josh. “He gives me vibes. YALL and I kinda hinted at that in my interview & all hell broke lose [sic]. So I had to like switch it up,” Jackie allegedly wrote in the group text of Marshall. “But he fosho gives me vibes cause he use to twrk on the bed & I told him I was coo off that & he was like yeah. So now this time I told him to be more aggressive with me. He’s hard fosho but sometimes he can be SWEET.” One friend allegedly texted back, “TWERK ON THE BED? LMFAOOOOO. JACKIE. Good for you, also, for communicating how bad of a turn off that shit is wth.”

Jackie allegedly texted back, “Yes he will twerk on the bed & I was like yeah no that’s not gone fly big homie lol & then he will talk like ‘yasss’ & im like ?????? THATS THE DAMN TRUTH. ION WANNA HEAR YALL AT MY WEDDING YELLIN BOUT HOW HE GOT SUGAR IN HIS TANK EITHER PLASSS. we gotta make it stretch for tv bye.” A second friend allegedly texted back, “LMAOOO nooo gotta make it to the altar.” Jackie allegedly responded, “I can hear [REDACTED] yellin ‘HES A TEAPOT’” The account also shared an alleged screenshot of a DM from Jackie in which she sent a video of her and Josh with the message: “My baby.”After the the texts went viral, Marshall responded to them in a tweet which read, “The only ‘sugar’ I got goes on those f*cking pancakes.”

Jackie also confirmed she and Josh were still together in an interview with Today in April 2023, in which she recalled the first time they met in person. “The first time I ever saw Josh, it was very surreal because I’ve never seen him before and walking into Chelsea’s party, I only heard his voice,” she said. “I instantly had a That’s So Raven moment where I was kind of like a flashback. He’s good looking. He’s smelling good, but I’m not hearing any of the words like he’s telling me, because I’m just not present at that time.” As for their relationship now, Jackie told Today, “Going forward and moving forward with Josh. It was actually very surreal. It was actually very intimate, very soul-binding, I would say, because it’s almost kind of like, we are very strong.”

Jackie also confirmed that she and Josh were still together in an interview with Entertainment Tonight after the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion. “Me and Josh are still going strong,” she said at the time. “We are getting a place together. He hangs out with my family all the time.” She also confirmed the relationship in an Instagram post at the time. “A year of standing side by side with my other half. Our journey to find each other was not easy but it was worth it. Thank you for loving me, standing by me and protecting me. I love you forever and through every realm  @jdemas Thank you @loveisblindnetflix for this amazing experience,” she captioned a photo of her and Josh.

After the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion, Jackie also apologized for her behavior toward Marshall during their season. “I would like to start this off by saying I sincerely apologize and take accountability for my actions and words in my relationship between Marshall and I,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “I also want to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for Marshall clearing up that I did in fact end the relationship before meeting Josh at the coffee shop. I understand that it was a quick transition from one relationship to another but this relationship did not start as most do in the real world.”

She continued, “To some it may seem as if it was a quick transition, however there is only a small percent that can be shown on tv and my connection with Josh was much deeper than it seems from a viewers perspective. I also would like to thank Marshall for taking accountability the derogatory comment that was made off camera.”

Jackie also admitted to leaked text messages between her and her friends, in which she suggested that Marshall wasn’t honest to her about his sexuality. “I would also like to apologize and take accountability for my disparaging remarks as well in those leaked messages,” she wrote. “It was tasteless and disrespectful to speak about anyone that way. It was never a battle between Marshall and I. I just wanted to clear the timeline of the events that took place as it looked as if I was a cheater and starting one relationship before leaving the other. “

She continued, “I am thankful that Vanessa Lachey allowed me to speak my peace and take accountability for my actions. All I can do is learn and grow from this experience. Like Marshall said at the reunion we both deserve happiness, peace, and to be able move on from what transpired last year. Marshall and I have personally apologized to each and also took accountability for our actions and have moved on. I would also like to apologize and take accountability to the public as it was done on the show for everyone to see. Actions speak louder than words.”

In an Instagram post after her last episode of Love Is Blind season 4, Jackie also accused the show’s editing of making it seem like she went on a date with Josh before breaking up with Marshall. “I have seen the latest episodes that have premiered on Love Is Blind and I must speak the truth. Marshall and I werre broken up before I saw Josh at the coffee shop,” she wrote. “I am wearing different clothes, my hair is styled different and at the end of the video I say “I DON’T KNOW IF I AM GOING TO BE WITH JOSH.” I am not sure what the reason is for playing the coffee shop date before the break up but to restate, Marshall and I were broken up before Josh and I had our coffee shop date. As for the ring, Marshall did not pay for the ring. Love Is Blind paid for all the rings.”


Who Is Monica From Love Is Blind Season 4?

Who is Monica from Love Is Blind season 4? Monica Rodriguez is 31-year-old Elementary School Teacher from the Seattle, Washington, area. Her Instagram handle is @monica_not_lewinsky__. “Be good to people for no reason,” her Instagram bio read at the time Love Is Blind Season 4’s “After the Final Altar” special premiered.

“Netflix knows how to say happy birthday! Excited to share that I’m a part of the season 4 cast for @loveisblindnetflix! Tune in March 24th for the premiere of Love is Blind. “The pods are now open.” #netflix #loveisblind,” she captioned an Instagram post announcing she was on Love Is Blind season 4 in March 2023. In a video announcing the full Love Is Blind season 4 cast in March 2023, Monica described bad breath as her deal breaker.

Who Is Josh From Love Is Blind Season 4?

Who is Josh from Love Is Blind season 4? Josh Demas is 31-year-old Project Manager from the Seattle, Washington, area. His Instagram handle is @jdemas. “Masters | MMA | Yoga | Jiu Jitsu,” his Instagram bio read at the time Love Is Blind season 4 premiered.

“So excited to finally share that I’m part of the Season 4 cast of @loveisblindnetflix! Need to find me a girl I can spoil. Just give her my debit card & let her buy whatever she wants. It’s gonna decline, but it’s the thought that counts. Can’t wait for you all to see where my journey to find love takes me when Love is Blind premieres on March 24th,” he captioned an Instagram post announcing he was on Love Is Blind season 4 in March 2023. In a video announcing the full Love Is Blind season 4 cast in March 2023, Josh described his one rule as no liars allowed. Josh also listed his job as a “Comedian” on his Instagram.

Love Is Blind Season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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