Un-adoptable 'Demon Dog' Is Returned to Shelter for Third Time and It's So Sad

This sweet pup is going to rehab!

Last month we covered Ralphie, the fire-breathing demon dog who badly needed a home who was able to put up with his, um, unique personality. Sadly, the Niagara SPCA has updated that Ralphie has been returned to the shelter yet again.

The shelter posted the following update to their Facebook page, and what new steps they are taking to help Ralphie get the help he needs so he can one day go to a forever family.

The shelter posted this update, "We're sure you all remember Ralphie, the adorable Frenchie with the attitude. He went to a home not quite two weeks ago and while the adopter had the right household dynamic, Ralphie proved to be more than she could handle. Kudos to her though for making the right decision. There were some bad choices made by both, but they parted ways amicably. He took his cd's and she kept his sweatshirt. She now understands that Ralphie IS that good-looking bad boy everyone's mama warns them about.

While it is unfortunate that he is back to square one, we're committed to helping him. We were able to finally get in touch with his original owner through alternate channels. He gave us some insight into Ralphie's behavior. After gathering all information available, we decided to reach out to another trainer for Ralphie."

Oh my goodness once Ralphie is done with training rehab he is going to be the most well-behaved dog ever! It's so wonderful the shelter is working with him like this. @Melissabelding is rooting for Ralphie, and comments, "I’m sure his previous adopter is heartbroken, but I applaud you for knowing what is best for your family and for Ralphie." @BrandiLea adds, "It makes me so happy to see the time invested in this dog! So many do not get this outcome. Good luck Ralphie!"

Here's hoping fourth time's a charm for this little demon-dog!

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