Umm, Penélope Cruz Has Majorly Sculpted Legs In These Chanel Miniskirt Pics

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Umm, Penélope Cruz Has Majorly Sculpted Legs In These Chanel Miniskirt Pics
  • Penélope Cruz was all kinds of toned during her recent visit to a film festival awards ceremony in Spain, and she was not shy about strutting her stuff on the red carpet.

  • The actress, 48, isn't often photographed while out and about, but it was hard to miss her strong, sculpted legs in photos from the event.

  • Penélope doesn't share much about her fitness routines, but she would dance for hours when she was growing up.

Penélope Cruz was just honored with Spain’s National Cinematography Prize at the 70th San Sebastian International Film Festival (congrats, Penélope!), and she showed up in a stunning Chanel miniskirt for her big moment.

The 48-year-old actress (who is a Chanel ambassador, BTW), accepted her award in a light pink miniskirt and blazer with white accents. She topped the whole look off with some chic heels, black sunglasses, and toned legs for days. She was, in a word, looking fabulous.

Photo credit: JB Lacroix - Getty Images
Photo credit: JB Lacroix - Getty Images

Penélope isn’t super active on Instagram, but she shares a lot of fashion-forward, red carpet photos that highlight her long, strong, sculpted legs.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

And Exhibit C:

Staying so strong takes lots of hard work, and over the years, Penélope has made it a lifestyle. While she hasn't shared a lot about her fitness routines in recent years, this year, she told The New York Times that she studied classical ballet as a child and sometimes practiced for up to four hours a day. “The feeling of your toes bleeding but you keep going with a smile, that really shapes you,” she said.

Penélope shared with People magazine that she’s into veggie burgers, noting that when she first met her friend, fellow actor Antonio Banderas, in New York City early on in her career, she regularly made them for him. Oh, and apparently Antonio would also make paella for her fam, too.

“I was in a very healthy period," she said. "I was doing these vegetarian burgers that were amazing, and I would buy the ingredients at D'Agostino, my favorite supermarket."

But Penélope also told James Corden that she has a weird eating habit: She snacks on salt. “It’s actually my cardiologist who told me to do that, because my blood pressure is very low,” she said.

Pass the salt.

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