‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Gabi Didn’t Know Zach Told Everyone What Happened In The Fantasy Suite

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The Bachelor Season 27 is finally over, and, somehow, the finale brought out the most drama yet. While Zach's proposal wasn't all that surprising, some of the insight revealed during the "After The Final Rose" proved Zach's "no sex" strategy last week actually ended up being extremely hurtful to Gabi and Ariel (not exactly shocking, but the details make it worse!)

ICYMI, Gabi and Kaity were Zach's final two, and both met his family during last night's episode. Despite having a heart-to-heart with Zach's dad, Gabi seemed pretty sure she wouldn't be chosen in the end. Ultimately, she was right, and Zach proposed to Kaity. During "After The Final Rose," Gabi shared what it felt like to be Zach's runner-up (and spoiler: it wasn't great).

Zach Shallcross' season started with 30 women, a Griddy dance, and the most women sent home in the first rose ceremony in 15 years (per Reality Steve). Throughout the season, Zach was pretty no nonsense about finding his future wife—and luckily for him, it paid off!

Other highs and lows of this season include Bachelor Nation's very first virtual rose ceremony after Zach contracted COVID and Charity's disappointing hometown send off, followed by finding out this isn't the last of her in the Bachelor universe (read on). Plus, an insider also gave a scoop on more details those "sick" scenes from London.

Below, Women’s Health has all the spoilers from Reality Steve and other accounts—including details about Zach, eliminations, and whether Kaity and Zach are still together.

Who is Zach Shallcross?

In case you need a recap, Bachelor Zach is a technology executive based in Austin, Texas, who first appeared on The Bachelorette season 19. As the competition continued, he ultimately decided to pursue Rachel Recchia over Gabby Windey, and things ended on a rather...awkward note.

TLDR: Zach made it to the Fantasy Suites, but after spending a night with Rachel, he said their vibe totally changed, and self-eliminated.

Originally from California, the 26-year-old former football player has been ready to tie the knot for quite some time now. He tried to win over Bachelor Nation fans by convincing them he’s just your average bro. He was in a band once. He DJ’ed in college under the name “VerZache.” Casual. He also doesn't care if you think he's boring, which, honestly, I have to respect.

Who wins 'The Bachelor' season 27?

After lots of back and forth between spoiler accounts, Zach ultimately ended up popping the question to Kaity Biggar! The couple appeared together during "After The Final Rose" and seems very happy together so far.

This is also apparently the first Bachelor engagement since Pilot Pete's season in 2020, which ultimately didn't last.

There was a shocking spoiler that ultimately wasn't real.

Earlier this week, there was a rumor that Zach might not even be with Kaity or Gabi after the finale. Maria Ciuffo, or Ria from the Chicks In The Office podcast, shared a theory that Zach was dating Jessica Girod. However, that ultimately proved to be untrue.

Reality Steve quickly debunked this rumor, too. "Ultimately, [this rumor] is probably going to be wrong," Steve said on a recent podcast episode. "I cannot believe that this has not gotten out if it's true. I can't imagine this is true. It makes zero sense."

As usual, Steve was right!

Gabi didn't know Zach told Bachelor Nation they had sex.

TBH, Gabi didn't deserve the ending she got on this season of The Bachelor. The 25-year-old account executive was reportedly unaware that Zach divulged exactly what happened during their Fantasy Suite date to the entire world.

"There was so much to our night that wasn't aired. We spent so much time talking about emotional health, mental health, therapy, our own insecurities, and how we both connected on that," Gabi said during "After The Final Rose." "We decided [what happened] was going to be between us. We said that that night. I remember I was brushing my teeth, you came up behind me, you kissed me on the back of my head, and you said, 'This is just between us.'"

Obviously, Zach didn't keep it "just between" Gabi and him. However, Gabi reportedly didn't know this until she saw the episode air last week. After she shared her feelings about it all during "After The Final Rose," Zach apologized, but it doesn't exactly make up for what she went through.

Zach's "no sex" vow caused a lot of drama.

If you're confused by Gabi's predicament: Zach initiated a "no sex" rule for the Fantasy Suites that totally backfired. Initially, Zach Shallcross had a plan to "not be intimate" with the remaining three contestants—which was (unsurprisingly) not followed through.

Last week, Zach made it through his date with Ariel and maintained his promise to himself (and, I suppose, to the world?) not to have sex, but he caved during his second overnight date with Gabi.

At first, Gabi gave Zach a chance to deny the pair were ever "intimate" by simply saying they had a "great cuddle sesh." However, honest and noble Zach admits that it was a bit more than that.

"It was important, and it was what we both wanted and needed for the relationship. And I feel terrible because I've just gone against my word," Zach said to host Jesse Palmer, after admitting to having sex with Gabi.

And, in addition to being fully honest with the cameras and Jesse, Zach also revealed his dirty little secret to Kaity on their overnight date. This led to a bit of a fight (I mean, would you want to hear about your man having sex with someone else on a date?) but ultimately Zach and Kaity obviously end up okay.

Ariel also wasn't very happy with Zach.

Ultimately, Ariel, the only one Zach definitely upheld his vow of chastity with, was sent home at last week's rose ceremony, but she didn't really have the full story. She even posted a funny TikTok about the whole experience last week.

During "After The Final Rose," Ariel shared how it felt to watch the episode back.

"I just really want to know why the other women were given grace and honesty," Ariel said during last night's episode, per EW. "Why I wasn't given that grace?"

Zach gave out another apology, but again—it doesn't exactly fix things!

Who's in the cast?

Season 27 originally featured 30 ladies looking to steal Zach's heart. Here's who walked out of the limo, or party bus, in Ep. 1:

  • Kaity Biggar

  • Gabriella 'Gabi' Elnicki

  • Ariel Frenkel

  • Davia Bunch

  • Charity Lawson

  • Genevie Mayo

  • Anastasia Keramidas

  • Victoria Jameson

  • Vanessa Dinh

  • Sonia Sharma

  • Viktoria Eichner

  • Olivia Miller

  • Mercedes Northup

  • Madison Johnson

  • Lekha Ravi

  • Kylee Russel

  • Katherine Izzo

  • Rebecca Serrano

  • Olivia Lewis

  • Jessica Girod

  • Greer Blitzer

  • Kimberly Gutierrez

  • Holland Parsons

  • Cara Ammon

Zach actually met contestants Cat Wong, Christina Mandrell, Brianna Thorbourne, Bailey Brown, and Brooklyn Willie during a segment on the "After The Final Rose" special for The Bachelorette. During the event, fans had a chance to vote for who they thought should receive the viewers' first impression rose, which was given to Brianna.

Who is the next 'Bachelorette'?

As everyone knows, the losers of one Bach season are usually the next top pick for The Bachelorette. And this time around, Miss Charity Lawson will be heading back to the mansion in search of love.

Charity was officially named The Bachelorette during the "Women Tell All" episode last week. According to Reality Steve, her season is already underway.

Zach might not have filmed his 'sick scenes' in London.

Remember when Zach had COVID? Well, when he was on Zoom during the London episode, some people are now wondering if the filmed shots were a bit...staged. According to former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, those clips of Zach looking sick in his hotel room might not have been filmed while he was in London. The former reality star gave her opinion in her February 23 episode of her podcast Off the Vine.

“He’s, like, in his hotel room, in the bed, blowing his nose, he’s got a little fake cup of tea. That’s a hotel in L.A," she said on the show, per US Weekly.

That's a pretty big allegation, but Kaitlyn does have an insider's POV. According to her, the headboard of Zach's bed was the giveaway. “It’s the hotel they always put all of their people in when we do, like, [After the] Final Rose or the Women Tell All, Men Tell All. That’s where they stay, in this, like, very specific bed that has writing on the back,” Kaitlyn said.

Zach probably did contract COVID on the show, but it probably just wasn't filmed by the Bachelor producers. “They must have had to be like, ‘Oh s–t, we need some B-roll of Zach looking sick.' And so, then, he’s back in L.A., and they’re like, ‘Can we just get you blowing your nose and, like, holding a cup of tea in the hotel room?’” Kaitlyn said.

One contestant gets strategic.

Gabi was allegedly seen reading the book How to Win the Bachelor, according to Reality Steve.

ICYDK, the book is basically a crash course on how to exit the limo during night one, how to get the first impression rose, how to avoid being labeled a villain, and more.

It seems like her reading only got Gabi so far, sadly.

Zach and Kaity aren't getting married any time soon.

Despite their happy appearance at "After The Final Rose," Kaity and Zach disclosed they aren't in any rush to actually tie the knot.

"We have the rest of our lives together, so why does everything need to be a rush?" Kaity told PEOPLE.

Instead, the pair is planning on moving in together in Austin, Texas—where they both coincidentally already live. They hope to eventually have their wedding around 2025. In the meantime, they also hope to travel together and, some time in the next five years, have children together.

Cheers to the happy Bachelor couple!

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