The Ultimate Wrapping Method For Sandwiches On The Go

wrapped sandwich with ingredients
wrapped sandwich with ingredients - Tiina & Geir/Getty Images

The best part about making a sandwich at home is that you can include all of your favorite ingredients squeezed between your bread of choice. However, just because you've made the sandwich at home doesn't mean that you have to eat it at home. It may be headed out the door with you to work, or you might be packing it to have while you're out and about. In this case, your sandwich needs to be wrapped perfectly with the right material so that it travels well. Not to mention, once you're ready to eat it, you'll want it to have the same appetizing structure, texture, or temperature it started with. That's why it's important to use the right method to wrap your sandwich.

In order to perfectly wrap a small sandwich, submarine, or wrap, you'll need to seal the sandwich using the proper material and a crisp and precise technique. Wrap your dry, cold sandwiches with parchment paper, and use wax paper for greasy sandwiches to contain the oils. For hot sandwiches, opt for aluminum foil for insulation. Once you've chosen the proper material, you'll want to follow the appropriate wrapping method in a few quick and easy steps.

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How To Wrap Small Sandwiches

sandwiches wrapped in parchment paper
sandwiches wrapped in parchment paper - Icetocker/Getty Images

For your small sandwiches, all you need is a large rectangular sheet of parchment paper, wax paper, or foil -- choose whichever is suitable depending on the ingredients. Place the paper or foil on your dining table, kitchen counter, or island, and lay the sandwich right in the middle. Grab the top and bottom edges of the paper or foil and pinch them together symmetrically over your sandwich. Gently and precisely fold over the edges until the paper or foil is smooth against the sandwich.

Your paper or foil will now be sticking out on the sides. Starting with the left side, simply flatten the protruding edges and the edges around the bottom of the sandwich, until you create a sharply creased triangular flap. Then, tuck the flap under the bottom of the sandwich. Do the same with the right side and you will have a perfectly wrapped sandwich that looks like it was prepared at one of the best sandwich shops in America. Easy right? Well, the method for wrapping large sandwiches is just as simple and swift!

How To Wrap Large Sandwiches

submarine wrapped in tin foil
submarine wrapped in tin foil - Charles Brutlag/Shutterstock

For those lengthier or bulkier sandwiches like submarines and wraps, get the suitable paper or foil and make sure that the piece is about twice as large as the sandwich or wrap. Lay that paper or foil down on your kitchen table or countertop, then place your sub or wrap slanted crosswise right in the middle. Simply pull one corner over the sandwich and fold it underneath. Then, take the other corner and fold it over the top of the sandwich. Roll the sandwich up like a newspaper or magazine to seal it tightly. Tuck both protruding ends and you've got a nicely wrapped sub or wrap that's ready for travel.

Now that you know how to wrap your sandwiches, you can save yourself some money by making your own sandwiches to bring to work since you can wrap them just as well as any deli. Perhaps you're thinking about all the packed sandwiches you used to take to school as a kid that you'd like to recreate as an adult for nostalgia. There are lots of sandwich recipes better than mom used to make, so take your pick and be sure to wrap it up well.

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