Ukrainian Woman Reunited With Lost Dog

Ukrainian Woman Reunited With Lost Dog
Ukrainian Woman Reunited With Lost Dog

(Picture Credit: Anastasiia Levchenko / EyeEm)

Most of us are in privileged situations where we only experience the horrors of a war-stricken country on the news. Our sympathies go out to those in Ukraine losing their homes, family members, and pets. However, it’s nothing compared to the bravery of those experiencing it in person.

There is an occasional bit of good news that comes to those experiencing such tragic loss, as in the story of an elderly Ukrainian woman reuniting with her beloved dog a month after her village was attacked.

Reunited With a Furry Family Member

K9 Global Rescue is a group of veterans working to prevent suffering among dogs worldwide. Volunteers of this group began work in Ukraine. They gathered animals who had fled from their homes or been lost during Russian attacks. Some of these animals needed medical attention. Some simply needed to be taken off the streets.

A K9 Global Rescue volunteer was happy to be the one to help an elderly woman reunite with her beloved dog by first speaking with one of her family members: “As I showed her the animals up front she was saying that there were many lost animals in the village just wandering around who had lost their homes.

“When I opened up the back doors, she gasped, took a step back, and said ‘JACK??’ She went back into the house to go get the older lady and bring her outside to see the dogs. When the old lady saw him, she started welling up.”

After being missing for a month, surely Jack and his human are happy to be reunited.

Helping Pets in Ukraine

Of course, what’s crucial at this time is standing with Ukraine and assisting the many displaced people in need of food, shelter, medical attention, and other basic necessities. There are also ways to help the many pets who have been separated from their families in this tragic time.

Many charities are accepting financial aid along with donations of pet food, leashes, and other supplies.

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