Ukrainian forces carry out successful counteroffensive operations on three frontline areas – ISW

Ukrainian troops conducted successful counteroffensive operations on at least three areas of the front  on 19 June, according to the daily report of the Institute for the Study of War.

Source: ISW report

Quote: "A Russian milblogger reported that Ukrainian troops continued attacks northwest, northeast, and southwest of Bakhmut on 19 June and claimed that Ukrainian forces advanced near Krasnopolivka (about 12 km northeast of Bakhmut).

Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar additionally announced that over the past week, Ukrainian troops in the Tavrisk (Zaporizhia) direction have advanced up to seven kilometres and liberated 113 square kilometres of territory, including eight settlements in western Donetsk and western Zaporizhia oblasts.

Russian milbloggers claimed that Ukrainian troops attacked south of Velyka Novosilka in western Donetsk Oblast.

Geolocated footage posted on 19 June confirms that Ukrainian troops liberated Piatykhatky, about 25 km southwest of Orikhiv in western Zaporizhia Oblast.

Milbloggers also reported fighting south and southwest of Orikhiv over the course of the day on 19 June."

Details: The ISW also stated that, according to a UK Defence Intelligence assessment, Russia has likely deployed a significant part of the Dnipro Grouping of Forces from the east bank of Kherson Oblast to the Zaporizhia and Bakhmut fronts to resist Ukrainian counteroffensive operations.

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