UK intelligence ramps up efforts to counter Russian spies

The flag of Great Britain
The flag of Great Britain

According to the report, a new department of national security will be established within MI-5. Its goal will be to advise companies, research organizations, and universities that may be victims of industrial espionage. In addition, private and public entities will be able to contact the new body for advice on how to interact with partners from China and or how to safely use Chinese-made equipment.

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The expansion of MI5’s role is explained by the challenges posed by Russia and China. The Times reports that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is due to issue a statement on the matter. The authorities intend to announce other steps to help the UK in confronting these challenges.

London is also preparing to announce a $24 million increase in BBC funding to counter Chinese and Russian disinformation in vulnerable countries. In addition, funding for a Chinese language training program for UK diplomats will be doubled.

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The UK intelligence agencies have previously made allegations that during the COVID-19 pandemic, hackers working for Russia and China were trying to steal information about vaccines being developed in the country.

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