Uhh, Maude Apatow's Super Sculpted Abs = Pure Met Gala Magic In These Pics

maude apatow abs cut out dress met gala photos
Maude Apatow Rocks Chiseled Abs In Met Gala Pics WWD - Getty Images

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  • On Monday, Maude Apatow hit up the Met's staircase for the big event in a gorgeous cut-out gown that showed off her toned abs.

  • In photos from the event, the actress is all smiles as she confidently poses for the paparazzi, giving everyone a look at her strong core.

  • When it comes to her health and wellness, Maude has said that she is a big foodie and likes doing guided runs on the Nike Run Club app.

Last night's 2023 Met Gala brought allllll the stars flocking to the museum steps in their finest outfits. There was Florence Pugh in her sweeping gown with a newly shaved head, Janelle Monae pulling off a mid-steps outfit change, and even Doja Cat dressed as a... cat. Of course, Maude Apatow's choice of eveningwear was no exception to the list. The Euphoria star, 25, hit the famed event in a black, custom Chloe gown with embellished cut-outs at the waist that showed off her super-strong core.

In the photos, Maude is all smiles as she poses like the confident queen she is. And in case you missed the big moment, here are a few shots from the staircase:

the 2023 met gala celebrating
Maude Apatow at the 2023 Met Gala.Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images

And another:

the 2023 met gala celebrating
Maude Apatow at the Met Gala in 2023.Matt Winkelmeyer/MG23 - Getty Images

If you're curious to know more about Maude's health and wellness routines, you're certainly not alone. For one, Maude shared with Glamour that one of her favorite ways to get her workout in is by heading out for a run, and she's a big fan of the Nike Run Club app’s guided runs with Coach Blue. "They have mindful guided runs about being grateful, and I find them very meditative," she shared.

When she's not doing a guided run, she also shared that she's usually listening to jams from Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga as she logs her miles

Maude's mom, actress Leslie Mann, also told Shape that she and Maude love to do infrared saunas together, adding that they will dry brush their skin before hopping into the sauna so that they get in an extra good sweat.

Maude is kind of a foodie and loves to cook. "I’ve been cooking for my family during quarantine and have found that I like doing it a lot more than I thought," she told Glamour during the pandemic. "I love to make spaghetti with tomato sauce. It’s simple, but it’s my favorite food. I like to try different sauce recipes, and I’ve been going through the New York Times Cooking app to find them. I’ve been baking peanut butter cookies a lot too."

She also loves to snack, and depending on if she has is feeling in a sweet or salty mood that day, she will either grab Reese’s Pieces, Sour Patch Watermelons, rice crackers or wasabi peas, per Glamour.

Another big factor: Good hydration is key to Maude's health and wellness. She clearly loves her coffee...and a cocktail or Guinness beer when on vacay, but she makes sure to stay very hydrated. It's something she and her mom have in common. Leslie shared with Marie Claire that they two of them always "make sure we drink a lot of water."

So good, Maude!

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