Uber suspends driver accused of 'abuse' by actresses Tara Strong and Rena Sofer

Actresses Rena Sofer, pictured above, and Tara Strong have accused an Uber driver of abusive and unprofessional behavior. (Screenshot: Twitter/Tara Strong)
Actresses Rena Sofer, pictured above, and Tara Strong have accused an Uber driver of abusive and unprofessional behavior. (Screenshot: Twitter/Tara Strong)

Uber has suspended a driver after actresses Tara Strong and Rena Sofer accused him of abuse because he allegedly behaved erratically after learning that they were Democrats.

On Tuesday, Strong, who has done voiceover work for films such as Ice Age and Rugrats, tweeted a video of her ride with General Hospital actress Sofer. “Dear Uber, your driver almost killed Rena Sofer & I because we are Democrats,” she wrote. “He asked what we were doing & proceeded to scream & yell at us & say we were evil racist demon-crazy lefties. We told him we wanted to get out & he began driving erratically. We video taped his abuse”

Sofer also noted the irony of the driver’s opinions: “But here’s the thing. He is an immigrant who showed up at the border in the ’80s and then applied for immigration status. Today, he would have been kicked out WITHOUT his children! And we are demons?”

In the video, the driver said to the women, “You are racist. The lefties have a mental disorder.”

“Maybe you should pull over,” said Strong. “You’re a terrible driver.”

After the driver said “lefties have mind control,” Sofer claims he interrupted their private conversation. “And you’ve been attacking us and insulting us the entire time,” she said. “You sound like Trump’s mouthpiece.”

The driver told the women they “ruined America,” and they replied, “We ruined America? We are American. We were born here.”

The women order the driver to drop them off at the nearest gas station, with Strong threatening to get the man fired for his behavior. Sofer added, “We’re not getting you fired because we don’t think like you. We’re getting you fired because we hired you as an Uber driver and you’ve done nothing but yell at us and insult us.”

People following the Twitter thread asked why the driver called the women racist at the beginning of the clip and Strong responded that the initial seven minutes of the conversation were recorded but not shared. “Then show whole video or nothing at all!!” someone tweeted, while others demanded proof.

“We didn’t start this! We never even brought up Donald Trump at all,” tweeted Sofer. “His first gripe with us was hearing us say this is the most important election of our time and he said he’s heard that every election. Then he asked why and preceded to yell at us! We kept asking him to stop!”

Strong and Sofer did not respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

A representative of Uber sent a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle: “Our expectation is that riders and drivers respect each other’s differences. Disparaging language and discrimination are never OK. We are in touch with the riders and will take the appropriate action.” The rep also said the driver’s access to the car-share service has been temporarily removed while the situation is investigated.

Strong also tweeted to President Trump that “one of your crazy sycophant followers…almost killed” the women, an accusation which, perhaps needless to say, was passionately debated on Twitter.

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