UberEats customer criticized over ‘wasted’ $270 order: ‘They should be banned from the app’

An Uber Eats customer is facing backlash online over their handling of a nearly $300 food order.

The situation — which spawned an in-depth discussion about who suffers when deliveries are canceled — was shared to Reddit’s r/WellThatSucks forum by a user named RyuuAraragi.

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In his post, the user explained that they had prepared $270 worth of ramen, fried chicken, pork dumplings, beef curry and several other dishes for a customer who ordered via Uber Eats. Then, the customer canceled their order — at an extremely unideal time.

“Customer ordered all this food on UberEats and canceled the order the moment I finished making everything,” RyuuAraragi wrote.

The post sparked a wave of responses, with users criticizing the customer’s “wasted” order and questioning how such a late cancelation was even possible.

“That’s really rotten, people suck,” one user wrote.

“F***** should be banned from the app,” another added.

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Thankfully, RyuuAraragi explained in the comments that their restaurant did get compensated for the order — although by Uber Eats, not the customer. According to the app’s guidelines, customers are allowed to cancel their orders up until a delivery driver is dispatched to the restaurant to pick up their food.

Redditors were still critical of the customer’s move though, noting with a cancelation for such a large order, several people still potentially lost money. For example, an Uber Eats driver missed out on a payment and potentially large tip, and the restaurant wasted plenty of time preparing a great deal of food.

RyuuAraragi did note that he was able to give the food away to a set of employees at a nearby business — meaning the order didn’t totally go to waste. Still, several commenters were unhappy with Uber Eats for allowing a situation like this to occur.

“It sucks that you can cancel your order and not be charged,” one user wrote.

“Like any service, there should be an option for the merchant to disable cancellation when the products were already made or are on the way.. especially foods,” another commenter suggested.

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