Uber Driver Hailed a Hero for Saving Puppy After Rider Wanted to Put Him Down

A chance meeting between an Uber driver and her passenger has saved a dog's life. Hope was driving in her car recently when a passenger mentioned that she was taking her dog to be euthanized. The woman couldn't allow it, so she went the extra-mile to rescue the puppy.

Hope retold the miraculous video in a now-viral video online.

The story seems almost like it was meant to be. Hope had picked up her first Uber Pet ride when the usual car ride chit-chat revealed something heartbreaking about her passenger.

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"She was actually taking her dog to get euthanized," she recalled in the clip.

Which surprised Hope because the dog looked to be only "6 or 7" months old.

"So I asked her what was going on," she recalled. Hope decided to call her husband "and see if we could keep it," which is exactly what they did.

"So now we have a new member of the family," she said. "This is Tiger."

People in the comments section were stunned. "We need a back story cause whattttt," one person wrote. "EUTHANIZED?? HELLO DID WE JUST SKIP A SHELTER???" another commenter exclaimed. "People shouldn't be allowed to do that without a legit reason. Thank you for saving him," someone else praised. "I need to know what her excuse was," one person urged.

Hope Later Shared the Backstory

In a second video on her page, Hope responded to the many people who asked to hear the dog's full story.

Hope explained that right away she'd told the woman how cute the dog was when they got in the car together.

"She said 'yeah, but today is not a good day,'" she recalled.

"I asked her why," Hope said.

"She said she was in a domestic violence relationship and her ex-boyfriend/abuser had given her the dog as an apology."

Hope explained that the woman wasn't in a place financially or physically to take care of the dog. The two had been living in a hotel, but got kicked out after her pup bit a pipe in their hotel room and the hotel found out. The hotel told her she could stay in the hotel but would have to pay an additional fee, which she just couldn't afford.

In a third video, Hope explained that the woman didn't have time to find the dog a new home because the new fee was so steep she had to get him out ASAP

When you think about it, it's pretty miraculous that Hope and the passenger found each other. The passenger was so happy that Hope and her husband agreed to take the dog home. To her it seemed like fate. But she did have one message for people in the comments who might still have a problem with the choices the woman made.

"It is not my place to judge anybody, nor is it anyone else's," she said. "I think we should all just have a little more grace for each other. We've all made our mistakes in life and I am just glad that I was there that day."

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