Uber Driver Goes Extra Mile — Returns Passenger's Lost Stuff


Josie Chan tweeted the handwritten note she received from her Uber driver. (Photo: Josie Chan/Twitter)

If you woke up today needing your faith in humanity restored, read on.

After losing her bank cards, cash, and drivers license in an Uber, Josie Chan, a make-up artist from London, was left “speechless with tears” when her driver returned all of her belongings with a personal handwritten note.

She took to Twitter to thank her driver. “I’m speechless with tears,” she tweeted. “Thank you Mr.Jamshid @Uber_LDN who kindly posted my bank card, driver’s license. Thank u!”

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Like many of us, Chan got out of the car without checking to make sure she had the little pouch containing her ID and money on Saturday. “I only realized it was lost this morning when I tried to go the bank,” she told the Daily Mirror. “I then spent two hours searching the house when my housemate appeared and said I had a special delivery.”

That package contained all of her missing belongings, along with a note from her driver, Jamshid, stating that she’d left them in his Uber three days prior.

"The driver had posted it all back to me, he spent £6.40 on the postage- the cab only cost me £5!” Chan said.


Uber says they like to think all of their drivers go above and beyond the call of duty. (Photo: AP)

Over the past year, headlines mentioning Uber haven’t always been positive. Still, the company told London’s Evening Standard that this behavior is not rare. “We like to think all our partner drivers go the extra mile for our riders. This isn’t the first time we’ve been overwhelmed by a driver’s kindness and generosity, and it certainly won’t be the last,” they said.

As for Chan, she plans to send the driver a box of chocolate as a thank you. 

We also hope that she gave him a five-star rating!

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