This U.S. City Is One of the Most Peaceful Places in America

happy Black Woman smiling and looking to the sky
happy Black Woman smiling and looking to the sky

Michigan is rich in Black history, from Grand Rapids to Detroit. It is the home to Motown, a historic uprising of enslaved people, Paradise Valley, and more. The Great Lakes State isn’t just known for its historical contributions, though. It is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and home to some of the most serene spots in the country.

Ann Arbor Michigan

Recently, Insider Monkey published a list of the “25 Most Peaceful Places to Live in the U.S.” Insider Monkey is a finance-oriented website specializing in insider trading and hedge fund data. The website selection process involved evaluating noise levels and accessibility to outdoor spaces in each city. Insider Monkey measured the average noise level in decibels and assigned it a score based on the availability of outdoor recreational areas in each city.

While Michigan did not come in the top one or two spots, Ann Arbor, Michigan, proudly secured third place. The city has an average noise level of just 39.13 decibels. It is balanced with an impressive 92 percent of residents having easy access to green spaces.

Law Quadrangle university of Michigan Ann Arbor Aerial view
Photo credit: Pawel Gaul

What Makes Ann Arbor, Michigan So Peaceful?

Ann Arbor is nestled in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula on both banks of the Huron River. The river is a beloved spot for locals and tourists for water sports and nature-filled activities. The city boasts a close-knit community of people who love the outdoors and this contributes to its peaceful aura. Ann Arbor is a natural haven for those seeking tranquility.

Residents of Ann Arbor can enjoy the best of both worlds. They experience the lively atmosphere of a university town combined with ample lush green spaces and recreational trails and hikes. Just a short drive west is the expansive Waterloo Recreation Area, Michigan’s third-largest park. It spans over 20,000 acres of forests and has 11 lakes.

However, Ann Arbor’s charm lies within its borders. The city boasts 162 parks, including the 69-acre Gallup Park. It is Ann Arbor’s most popular recreation area, according to The City of Ann Arbor.

Living in such a peaceful environment isn’t just a luxury. It also has tangible health and wellness benefits. Noise pollution is a common city stressor that is significantly lower in Ann Arbor. Low levels of noise pollution contribute to better sleep quality, reduced stress, better concentration and focus, and overall well-being. The abundance of green spaces also promotes enhanced physical activity and mental health. Residents in Ann Arbor live healthier lifestyles, as evidenced by lower obesity rates compared to state and national averages.

In Ann Arbor, a peaceful lifestyle isn’t just a trend, it’s a way of life.