Tyson's Spooky Chicken Nuggets Are Now In Grocery Store Freezer Aisles

Their Halloween-themed nuggets will make dinnertime a scream.



Dinnertime will be a real scream now that Tyson's spooky chicken nuggets have hit grocery stores. This is the first time Spooky Nuggets have been available for sale in the freezer aisle, though we've gotten a peek at them before.

"The Halloween-inspired chicken nuggets made their debut last season, available exclusively via a giveaway on the brand’s Instagram page," as stated in a release from Tyson Brand. "Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, they are available in stores for the first time starting in September."

The little ghosts, pumpkins, and bats are sure to entice even the most reluctant eaters at the table. Their adorable shapes might even persuade a few grown-ups to indulge in a dinner of lightly breaded, all-white-meat chicken patties this September and October.



And now that they're in stores, you can add Spooky Nuggets to the menu for your kid-friendly Halloween party. Give the kids something to snack on besides candy bars and Halloween sugar cookies, and their parents will thank you. Choosing an appropriate dip is a no-brainer: How about some blood-red ketchup on the side?

You can find Spooky Nuggets at Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Aldi, HEB, Meijer, Albertson’s Safeway, and other grocery stores at a suggested retail price of $6.98. Each bag contains about 40 nuggets made with the same recipe as Tyson's regular nuggets.

If the prospect of switching to ordinary round nuggets after Halloween seems like a letdown, not to worry. Look for Tyson's Dino Fun Nuggets in the freezer aisle year-round.

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