Take on Tyreek Hill's Yoga Routine

Emily Shiffer
·2 mins read

From Men's Health

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has been showing off his off-season workouts on social media platforms as he preps to help defend his Super Bowl title. He's showcased his quarantine workout, a Nordic hamstring curl challenge, and a race against former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens.

And while his workouts are usually super tough or incredibly athletic, Hill doesn't just go hard. He has also started to supplement his training with yoga. This pivot for Hill is no surprise once you consider the benefits yoga can provide for athletes for everything from mobility to flexibility to body awareness. In a recent YouTube video, Hill shows off his yoga routine with yoga instructor Mariah Bailey.

"We introduced yoga into my 2020 off-season routine and it's MUCH harder than it looks... 😓😓," he wrote in the video's description.

"@cheetah... It’s been an honor to work with you as an athlete and amazing human being. (Now step to the top of your mat! 😜) P.S.-Chiefs nation, we only slow down for an hour, don’t worry!," she wrote in the post.

He starts out his yoga workout standing, eyes closed with some breathing exercises. He moves into a series of poses including forward folds, downward dogs, Warrior 1, Crow, Triangle pose, Child's pose and more.

"You guys aren't weak, you're just not flexible. But when you're flexible, you can access all the strength in the world," says Bailey.

In an interview with NFL.com, Hill explained exactly why he implemented yoga into his routine.

"I'm taking a different approach this year. I'm doing yoga two times a week," Hill said. "So I'm getting into yoga a lot, and I've been trying to open up my hips a lot more, trying to open up my glutes. And I've been feeling amazing. I've been getting out of routes even better, so it's gonna be crazy. I feel like this is going to be a crazy year for me."

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