Tyra Banks Writes to Teen Whose Wig Was Pulled Off in Bullying Incident

16-year-old student, Lauren “LuLu” Williams, received a message from Tyra Banks after she experienced a bullying incident at school. According to Lauren's mother, Myckelle Williams, she has a scalp condition that causes severe dryness and hair breakage, so she chooses to wear wigs. While in the school hallway, her wig was viciously snatched off her head by one of her classmates because of a bet. According to WSMV, The incident was recorded and then posted to Snapchat with the caption, "weave snatchin."

Mychelle took to Facebook, explaining her daughter's traumatizing experience.

"Yesterday I received a call from my youngest daughter screaming and crying on the phone, for me to come and get her from school. Apparently, some boys had taken a $5 BET about pulling her wig off in front of everyone," she explained. "Lulu has a scalp condition that causes severe dryness and hair breakage and loss, and had been so ashamed of her appearance that she had taken to wearing wigs in an effort to still feel beautiful. We all know how easy it is to feel insecure at age 16.
These kids not only tore her wig off in the middle of school, but video taped it. They followed her to the bathroom as she screamed and cried and proceeded to tape her OVER the stall as she cried and begged for her wig."

Lauren subsequently had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for abrasions and whiplash. Since she used glue to secure her wig, having it pulled off abruptly caused her to have patches and bald spots. Taking control of her own narrative and definition of what it means to be beautiful, she decided to shave all of her hair off.

"I am only posting this with her permission but yesterday our entire family was angered and in tears about the way she was treated. The teen suicide rate has now DOUBLED and bullying has played a HUGE role," Myckelle wrote. "If you have a teen in this situation, continue to uplift them and let them know that they are strong and beautiful and can own their insecurities and take control rather than being controlled. I admire the strength and beauty of my little Lulu and know that she will inspire many others even through this difficult time in her life."

Officials with Williamson County Schools released the following statement regarding the incident:

"The Franklin High administration and the School Resource Officer immediately began investigating an incident when it was reported to them Friday afternoon. This type of behavior can never be tolerated at school. In addition to school discipline, WCS prosecutes delinquent behavior to the fullest extent of the law."

Since the painful incident, Myckelle's post has gone viral. After hearing about the video, Tyra took to Twitter to offer Lauren some words of encouragement. They even did an Instagram live together.

"Hey LuLu, it’s TyTy. I’m not wearing my wig either, and I want everyone reading this to post pics without their fake her too! But I want to let you know how unbelievably fierce you are."

Bullying is never okay. If you or a friend has been bullied at school don't be afraid to tell someone. It's important to speak out on this issues even it may become difficult, it will definitely be worth it in the end. Here's a full guide to help end bullying at school. We hope Lauren never has to experience anything like that again and that her story reaches others that may have been affected by bullying.


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