Here’s the Type of Deer That Captures Each Zodiac Sign’s Christmas Spirit

Every animal has their own spiritual significance, but the deer is undoubtedly one of the most innocent, mysterious, and enchanting. And because we all carry our own brand of magic, there’s the deer species that captures each zodiac sign in a unique and profound way.

At their core, the deer is gentle, nimble, flighty, and protective. They exist in the liminal space between the natural world and the developed world, helping us bridge the gap between what is still wild and what has already been domesticated. Many of us have had a run in with a deer while driving through rural areas, as they’ll be standing right in the middle of your lane, forcing you to hit the breaks or veer to the side of the road in order to avoid hitting them. Deer are proof that no matter how many trees we chop down and concrete highways we build, the natural world will always find a way to trickle through the cracks of society.

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If a deer ever appears to you—whether in person or in a dream—it is because you are also spiritually connected the natural world. A deer arrives in your subconscious mind to remind you that you are part of something larger than yourself, so don’t let the harshness of the material world destroy the parts of you that remain innocent, wild, and free. And if you’re currently facing multiple challenges in life, the deer helps you remember that you are capable of navigating them just as swiftly and gracefully.

The Deer Species That Captures Each Zodiac Sign

If you’re currently dreaming of Santa and his many reindeer during the Christmas season, here’s the deer that reflects your zodiac sign the most:

Aries: You’re the Mule Deer

When it comes to speed and raw power, Aries always comes in first place. And of all deer species, the mule would have to be the fastest, reaching up to 45 mph. This species is proficient at something called “stotting,” which is when a deer stiffens their joints and springs into the air, skipping away from predators without a care in the world. A mature mule deer buck is often the hardest deer to hunt, as they’re capable of zipping out of the area at the first sign of danger. However, that doesn’t mean they lack the courage of an Aries, as mule deers are also brave enough to enter territories of human habitation.

Taurus: You’re the Moose

The moose is a solid, grounded, and substantial animal, as they can grow up to 6 feet tall at their shoulders and weigh up to 1,800 pounds, matching the down-to-earth energy of a Taurus. Ruled by Venus—planet of luxury and pleasure—a Taurus has a voracious appetite for living the good life, much like a moose can eat up 60 pounds of food a day. Like Taurus, a moose is pretty chill when unbothered, but they can unleash aggression if you catch them on a bad day. Either way, a moose will always wants to show off their massive antlers, much like a Taurus loves dressing fancy for all occasions.

Gemini: You’re the Sika

Although deer are often solitary creatures, you can easily find a herd of sika gathering together and exchanging gossip. Gemini is one of the most gregarious and extraverted zodiac signs, matching the sika’s social curiosity. Found primarily in Japan, the sika aren’t just interested in getting to know each other, as they also have no problem approaching humans. A Gemini will always introduce themselves to you, even if you have nothing in common. The sika is also the most vocal deer species, as they have over 10 different sounds, ranging from screeching to whistling.

Cancer: You’re the Roe Deer

Cancer is the zodiac sign of motherhood and family, which captures the most beautiful behavioral qualities of the roe deer. While this species is usually shy and solitary, you’ll only spot them among their own kind when a mother is surrounded by her fawns. This species has a unique means of gestation, as they mate during late summer but possess a form of delayed implantation that allows their blastocyst to remain inactive in the uterus until the beginning of January, preventing them from giving birth in the middle of a harsh winter. A Cancer’s main priority is always to set their babies up for success.

Leo: You’re the Elk

When it comes to the zodiac, no sign is more concerned with status and extravagance than a Leo. They’re not ashamed to admit they loved being perceived as the most powerful and beloved, much like the elk bull is always competing against the rest of his herd for attention. This species has the most over-the-top mating rituals, as a bull will rub their scent all over the place to attract female cows and then commence a show of bugling, thrashing, and swinging his large antlers for all the world to see. If he puts on a good enough show, he’ll attract a harem of over 15-20 cows. Need I say more?

Virgo: You’re the White-tailed Deer

Virgo is not usually concerned with being the center of attention, because they’re much more focused on resourcefulness, logic, and efficiency. These skills came just as much in handy for the white-tailed deer, as they are the oldest extant deer species in existence. The white-tailed deer is skilled at hiding and running, which not only allowed them to survive the Ice Age, but begin breeding in abundance once it came to an end. And while the white-tailed deer prefers to be left alone during the summer, they tend to form small groups in the winter, illustrating the way Virgos are always prioritizing survival and common sense.

Libra: You’re the Chital

Found in the grasslands of India and some parts of Texas, the chital—a.k.a. axis deer—is often considered the most beautiful deer species. Libra is equally as admirable, as this romantic and aesthetically-pleasing cardinal air sign is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty. With their signature golden-brown coat covered in white speckles, along with the elegant upward curve of their antlers, it’s no wonder these deer are so enchanting. Libra is also one of the most friendly and companionable zodiac signs, which is why you’ll often find the chital surrounded by a herd of around twenty to thirty other deer.

Scorpio: You’re the Père David’s Deer

Scorpio is the intense fixed water sign of transformation, carrying the power of death and rebirth with them wherever they go. Like Scorpio, the Père David’s deer also has quite the comeback story, as this beautiful Asian species was hunted to extinction in their native China during the 19th century. However, thanks to the hard work of conservationists, they were successfully bred in captivity by the 20th century, and as of 2020, there are now an estimated 2,825 individuals living in the wild and an additional 7,380 living in various nature reserves in China. Just when you think a Scorpio is done for, they somehow manage to return with a vengeance.

Sagittarius: You’re the Red Deer

The red deer is one of the most elegant and mysterious of all deer species. The sight of a red stag instantly transports you back in time, where lasting symbolic connections were initially formed and ancient legends were indisputable from the truth. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of faith, spirituality, and philosophical conversations, and the red deer have always been sacred in the Scottish Highlands. Know in Gaelic as “fiadh ruadh”, the red deer were once considered “fairy cattle”, believing that fairies milked them on the peaks of mountains. Next time you see a red stag, let it remind you that fairies are, in fact, real.

Capricorn: You’re the Reindeer

It’s no secret that reindeer—a.k.a. caribou—are some of the most hard-working animals in existence. Capable of living through the frigid year-round cold of the Arctic tundra, reindeer are nothing if not resilient, much like a Saturn-ruled Capricorn understands the beauty of discipline and delayed gratification. They have cloven feet that prevent them from sliding on wet ice and they love to eat lichen—a mossy fungi—for sustenance, exhibiting Capricorn stability and resourcefulness. Famous for carrying Santa’s sleigh all around the world on Christmas Eve, this deer species is capable of hoisting over 300 pounds across frozen ground for several hours at a time.

Aquarius: You’re the Brocket

Aquarius is always associated with all things edgy, unique, and completely out of the box. And when it comes to varieties of deer, no species is more eccentric and unique than the brocket. This South American animal—which has over ten different subspecies—is often smaller in stature and prefers to hunt at night, where they’ll be safe from the prying eyes of hunters and predators. Aquarius, too, thrives when they are living the fringes of society and they can be selective with who they spend their time with, much like the brocket deer prefers to be on their own or involved in a monogamous pairing.

Pisces: You’re the Water Deer

The water deer isn’t the only deer that is capable of swimming, but they certainly are the best at it. Pisces is also a zodiac sign that thrives when they are submerged underwater or within a vivid daydream, as Pisces is associated with the open ocean. Pisces is also one of the least aggressive zodiac signs and the most empathetic, matching the soft and non-threatening appearance of a nimble and quick-moving water deer, which does not have antlers or horns. They are also the only species of deer that has inguinal glands, which makes sense, as Pisces literally rules over the lymphatic system.

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