Will Tyler Higbee repeat his 2019 performance?

On the latest Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Marcas Grant of NFL Media joined our own Dalton Del Don to talk Rams Tight End Tyler Higbee's fantasy outlook in 2020.

Video Transcript

MARCAS GRANT: Tyler Higbee. I know that last year was unsustainable, right? I mean, what he did at the end of last season was phenomenal, and that is hard to imagine him sustaining that over the course of 16 games. I do think there's gonna be some Gerald Everett to work in there. And I think of Everett sort of the way I thought about Dallas Goedert in Philadelphia, that Everett might not be good enough to start on your roster, but he may do just enough to sort of chip away at what Higbee's going to do.

Plus the fact that the Rams offense is sort of an unknown. They've got a bad offensive line. Last year, Jared Goff looked like he regressed in a big way. They've got a running back situation that has a ton of question marks, between Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown. Name your Rams running back, Gaston Green, whoever you can throw in there.

There's just so many unknowns there that for me, Higbee, I think I just kind of have backed away from him because I want something that, at least in my mind, I have a little bit more clarity of. And right now I just don't have that. Look, Sean McVay is the master of coach speak. He could really teach-- he could have a TED Talk on coach speak because he is great at giving everybody love. And when everybody gets some love, I feel like nobody's gonna really get love.

DALTON DEL DON: Yeah, nice setup he has in his home. I was just checking out "Hard Knocks" right before we started--

MARCAS GRANT: Yeah, right?

DALTON DEL DON: --recording. It was just the first 10 minutes in. But yeah, he's doing well.

Yeah, OK. Again, I'm with you on these guys. That's why not exactly on my target list but right around. They're not on my busts. Maybe some of them would overlap for you.