These two girls look like identical twins and share a birthday, but they apparently aren't

On July 25, one of the girls uploaded a video showing off their spookily similar appearances. According to the video, the girls — Avery Adams and Reagan Renshaw — found each other because their friends are friends. In November 2018, Reagan reached out to Avery on Instagram after learning of her existence. In the message, she admitted that they “literally look exactly the same.” “Hahah we do look alike,” Avery agreed. Reagan and Avery quickly realized after exchanging a few messages that they also share a birthday. Though the girls were born one year apart, many TikTok users are convinced that they’re actually long-lost twins. “Someone got the year wrong on their birth certificate. Y’all are twins,” one person said. “This lowkey freaked me out,” another user commented. According to the video, Reagan and Avery “still talk” and “wish each other [a] happy birthday”