Twitter Weighed in With Their Musical Expertise About Kate Middleton's Piano-Playing Skills

Now that King Charles III’s coronation is over, Twitter decided to move over to another royal family hot topic: Kate Middleton and her piano-playing skills. It seems like a weird thing to analyze, but her surprise appearance at Eurovision over the weekend apparently has everyone chatting about it on the social media platform.

The discourse started when a Twitter account wrote, “Lot of musical friends been in touch to say that Kate Middleton faked the piano playing to a backing track at late night’s Eurovision. They say her fingers were not placed to play the chords we heard. In the picture she is depicted playing a ‘C’ chord when we clearly heard an ‘E’ chord.” We aren’t the musical experts who are qualified to debunk this conspiracy theory, but plenty of people with more knowledge on the instrument added their thoughts.

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One account noted, “My daughter is a pianist, and she knew that Kate was faking it based on the placement of her fingers on the keys.” Another added, “She played all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order…” However, one person may have discovered what really happened in the editing room. She chimed in, “Piano teacher here. It’s likely she played, they filmed her and the sound and picture just didn’t sync. Kate had lessons for quite a while, reaching about grade four.”

So, the Princess of Wales may not be playing Carnegie Hall anytime soon, but she’s throwing her support behind the arts which are a crucial part of any society. That’s really the message the palace wanted to send by having Kate participate in a Eurovision cameo — maybe the clip wasn’t executed perfectly, but the reason why she was there isn’t that controversial.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton
Prince William, Kate Middleton

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