Twitter is Roasting Jacob Elordi Because He Took All Three of His Girlfriends to the Same Date Spot

Carolyn Twersky
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Photo credit: JP Yim - Getty Images
Photo credit: JP Yim - Getty Images

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  • Jacob Elordi and Zendaya seemingly ended things recently after about a year together.

  • Now, Jacob is reportedly dating model Kaia Gerber.

  • Twitter is roasting Jacob because he just took Kaia to the same date spot he previously took Zendaya and his other ex, Joey King.

If you live in New York City and you want to get a peek of Jacob Elordi, I suggest you start hanging out around farmers markets. The actor seemingly has a fondness for them and he's taken not one, not two, but three girls there on dates.

Following his recent breakup with Zendaya, Jacob has been seen out and about NYC with Kaia Gerber. Of course, the breakup was hard enough to take, but then fans noticed that Jacob was taking Kaia to a very familiar spot.

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When they were dating, Jacob once took Zendaya to a farmers market in New York City. In photos you can see here, the pair wore matching jackets and looked super cute together. Well, over the weekend, Jacob and Kaia seemingly checked out the same market. And, on top of that, the actor took Joey King there too back when they were dating!

Of course, Twitter couldn't get over this realization.

Others didn't see a problem with the repeat date and, in fact, even wanted their own farmers market invite.

While someone pointed out that a farmers market is a very normal place to frequent.

All fair points here. Honestly, I think I'm more upset about the breakup than the serial date spot, but hey, that's just me.

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