Twitter Recognized 'AGT' Contestant Sheldon Riley From His Past on 'The Voice' Immediately

Kayla Keegan

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  • America's Got Talent season 15 contestant Sheldon Riley nailed his audition Tuesday night.

  • The mysterious singer took on Billie Eilish's "idontwannabeoyouanymore."

  • Several AGT fans recognized Sheldon for his past gig on The Voice Australia.

After America's Got Talent on Tuesday night, all anyone could talk about was Sheldon Riley's hauntingly beautiful audition.

The season 15 contestant took the stage quietly and mysteriously, wearing a feathered black gown and mask made of silver jewels. When judge Simon Cowell asked for his name, Sheldon simply turned around and, moments later, began singing "idontwannabeyouanymore" by Billie Eilish.

While Sheldon's silence may have initially thrown off the judging panel, his performance truly said it all.

After Sheldon finished singing, Simon told the vocalist that he loved his originality. Howie Mandel chimed in, "You have an amazing voice, and the fact that I don't know what you look like, and the costume and the drama, for me, that's what made this great." Sofía Vergara, meanwhile, complimented the singer on his eyes and thought he was "very handsome."

Not surprisingly, Sheldon landed three "yes" votes and a lot of praise from viewers watching at home. But beyond the compliments on Twitter, some shouted out that they recognized Sheldon from another singing show.

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"I thought I knew Sheldon from The Voice Australia! I didn't recognize him on #AGT until he said his name," one fan tweeted. "Love Sheldon, watched him twice on The Voice Australia. Hope he gets what he’s looking for," another said.

Turns out, Sheldon first became famous on The Voice Australia back in 2018, where, after being coached by Boy George, he made it all the way to the finals. One year later, he returned as an All Star and worked with Delta Goodrem as his coach.

Of course, Sheldon is not the only contestant with a background of competing on singing shows before AGT. Season 13 superstar Courtney Hadwin was on The Voice Kids U.K. prior to coming on AGT. Plus, Sacred Riana and Jeffrey Li also appeared on other televised talent competitions before meeting Simon and the rest of the judges.

But regardless of Sheldon's past on The Voice, his future on Got Talent is already looking bright. Though it's unclear when we'll see him take the AGT stage again, we're sure that when we returns, he'll have us all covered in goosebumps — just like his audition.

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