Twitter Is Not Pleased With Chris Wallace's Performance as Debate Moderator

Rachel Epstein
·4 min read
Photo credit: Pool - Getty Images
Photo credit: Pool - Getty Images

From Marie Claire

Prior to the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, Fox News' Chris Wallace, the moderator of the night, said he wants to be "as invisible as possible." At times, he certainly followed through on that promise. Wallace allowed President Trump to diverge from the topics at hand, and watched as Joe Biden and Trump talked over each other within the first 10 minutes of the debate. Other times, Wallace began directly debating with Trump and the right criticized him of taking Biden's side.

The unanimous opinion from the left and the right? People were incredibly frustrated with Wallace's performance as debate moderator, left with only one word to describe the night: chaotic. See the reactions on Wallace's debate moderation from across the political spectrum, below.

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