Twitter Loved That 'Stranger Things' Reveal About Robin

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix


Warning: Contains spoilers for Stranger Things 3.

Your Hawkins favorites returned to Netflix for another season of fighting the Mind Flayer and his demogorgon pals. In season 3, Eleven, Will and the rest of the dream team tried to find out how to defeat the Mind Flayer once and for all-not easy, considering the monster has transformed a whole army of the townspeople into his minions.

To do that, they need the help of a few new friends. One of them is Erica, Lucas' snappy little sister. The other key new character this season is Robin (Maya Hawke), who meets the kids while working with Steve at Scoops Ahoy, the Starcourt Mall's ice-cream store.

At first, she seems pretty content with making fun of Steve's luckless attempts to chat up female customers. (To be fair, he's bad at it.) But soon she catches wind of Dustin and Steve's secret mission of figuring out the Russian message Dustin overheard on his Cerebro, and she is most definitely not going to be left out.

That's when we find out that she speaks four languages. None of which is Russian, but she has a knack for learning them, and because she's in band, she's also got a great ear. Hello, perfect new partner in crime! Not only does she help them discern and translate the Russian phrases, but she also deciphers the codewords and helps them break into the secret Russian facility beneath the mall. Can you say hero?

That's enough of a reason for her to become a fan favorite, but Robin has one more surprise in store. While trapped underground, she tells Steve she used to be obsessed with him, and it seems like they might get together, because our high-haired friend realizes he loves being around her. But then, during a bathroom confession session, she reveals that her obsession actually stemmed from being interested in a girl called Tammy Thompson, who was in love with Steve. Steve needs a second to understand what she's saying-she's gay!-but he takes it in his stride. Voilà: friends for life!

Twitter loved the revelation:

Robin's not the only character whose sexuality became a topic of discussion for fans. Others wondered whether one moment early in the season, when Will hesitates while talking to Mike about girls, meant that he's also queer:

In short:

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