Twin lightning bolts frame One World Trade Center in breathtaking photo

Alex Lasker

A perfectly timed photo shows New York’s One World Trade Center framed by two bolts of lightning striking the Hudson River in lower Manhattan.

The image was captured by NYC-based photographer Gary Hershorn from Jersey City on July 6, as a powerful storm slammed the tri-state area with rain, wind and hail.

Credit: Getty
Credit: Getty

Hershorn, an avid nature photographer and storm-chaser, told Insider the photo opportunity was certainly a “wow moment,” adding that the result was one of the best pictures he’s taken in his 40-year career.

“It was definitely a wow moment,” he told the outlet. “Even though I’ve been around for 40 years, when you photograph something that is truly beautiful or spectacular in the natural world, you’re not jaded. You do still have these incredibly wow moments.” 

Hershorn has amassed over 83,000 followers on his Instagram, where he shares spectacular shots of the New York City skyline containing elements of nature like a full moon rising, a tiny flower and a beautiful rainbow.

Through his photography, Hershorn says he hopes he can change the perspective of people who may wrongfully view New York as an “old, cement, steel, glass place.”

“When you’re in the city, you don’t understand the natural beauty that exists around you,” he told Insider. “When you’re in the city, you’re never going to see the full rainbow. You can’t fully comprehend the color of the sunset reflecting on the buildings. You don’t see the moon until it’s way up in the sky.”

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