TV Guide for June 2021: Loki, the Sailor Moon Eternal movie, Rurouni Kenshin: The Final, Voice 4 and more

Loki (Disney+)
Loki (Disney+)

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Movie (Netflix)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Movie (Netflix)

Overview of June's shows

Geeks of all stripes will be thrilled as Loki drops on Disney+ this month, while Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie and Rurouni Kenshin: The Final hit Netflix as well — adaptations of beloved manga/anime titles that give us hope during this pandemic. An Asian crime thriller is also up on the small screen as Trinity of Shadows debuts on HBO. And for Korean drama junkies, Voice 4 is out on tvN while On The Verge Of Insanity is on Oh!K as well.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie (3 June)

Comprising two films, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie is the anime adaptation of the fourth arc of the Sailor Moon manga, known as the Dream arc. It sees Sailor Moon and her friends battling the Dead Moon Circus to save the dreams of the world. But a mysterious new stranger has emerged — and whether he will be friend or foe, none can say. These two films are part of the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot of the franchise.

Blood moons and super moons have nothing on Sailor Moon and her friends, who return after a five year hiatus (Sailor Moon Crystal's third season aired in 2016). The two films had a theatrical release in Japan early this year, after the original September 2020 release date was postponed due to the pandemic. The combined runtime of the two movies is 160 minutes, which would translate approximately into eight 20-minute episodes — which is much shorter than earlier seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal, which saw each 13-episode season adapt one of the original story arcs. Hopefully, this means that we get a tighter story and more action with the Sailor Moon Eternal movies, and that we get to see more of Eternal Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon's third form) in the films themselves!

Loki (9 June)

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, a different version of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) meets the Mobius (Owen Wilson) and the Time Variance Authority and finds himself travelling through time and space, as he attempts to master his own destiny and fix the timeline. However, he finds himself at odds with the organisation, even as a greater threat looms in the background.

The original launch date for the series was 11 June, but it was pushed to 9 June because of... Loki? We may never know if this was planned all along or if circumstances changed behind the scenes. Nevertheless, it sets a good precedent for the series itself, in that we have absolutely no idea what Loki will face or what will happen in the series. The series might run into some continuity snarls, because this version of Loki has not been through the events of the past nine years (since this Loki's journey starts right after 2012's Avengers). But that's where the fun lies, right?

Trinity Of Shadows (13 June, Sundays 9pm)
HBO (Starhub CH 601; Singtel CH 420)

This noir crime drama follows a lead detective, a public official and a rookie policeman as they solve a murder case that has uncanny similarities to a cold case from three years ago. However, they get drawn into a dark labyrinth of power plays and mystery, even as they confront the truths about reality, the past and themselves. Stars Sandrine Pinna, Kaiser Chuang and Liu Kuan-ting.

It's been a while since we've seen a slick crime drama, and Trinity of Shadows looks absolutely stunning with its cinematic visuals and amazing production quality. Hong Kong crime thrillers may have finally met their match on the small screen with this series, which looks like it'll promise drama and cool action scenes. And with a story that seems to span generations, it looks like this will be one roller-coaster ride.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Final (18 June)

In this live-action adaptation of the final arc of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, Kenshin (Takeru Satoh) finds himself face-to-face with a new enemy — his late first wife's brother, Yukishiro Enishi (Mackenyu Arata). Enishi seeks revenge for the death of his sister, even as Kenshin finds that his past actions have returned to haunt him. This is the fourth instalment in the Rurouni Kenshin film series, following 2014's Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends.

Even though it has been seven years since we last saw Takeru Satoh as Kenshin, he doesn't seem to have aged much, which is wonderful seeing that he is reprising the role he has played since 2012, when the first Rurouni Kenshin live-action film came out. The film first saw a theatrical release in Japan in April, so it's made a really quick transition to Netflix — which is great for all of us Kenshin fans. A fifth and final film, Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning, is slated to be out later this year.

Voice 4 (19 June, Saturday and Sundays 9.15pm)
tvN (Singtel Ch 518, 619; Starhub CH 824)

Lee Ha-na reprises her role as voice profiler Kang Kwon-joo in the fourth season of the crime drama Voice. This time, Kang has to team up with strict detective Derek Jo (Song Seung-heon) as they face a serial killer who has exceptional hearing. However, they discover that the serial killer is not working alone — and it may very well come down to a showdown between the two forces in their eventual clash.

If you are wondering whether the fate of Do Kang-woo (Lee Jin-wook) from Voice 2 and Voice 3 has stuck, the answer is yes — because Kang is apparently suffering from PTSD from the events of Voice 3's finale. It's nice to see some continuity through the seasons even as they deal with the daily duties of being at the emergency call centre. This season promises to be gorier than before, if the trailer is any indication.

Trinity of Shadows (HBO)
Trinity of Shadows (HBO)


Channel 8

Soul Old Yet So Young (7 Jun, Mondays to Fridays 9pm)


Lintas Pintas (1 Jun, Tuesdays 8.30pm)

Pengantin Lelaki Untuk Cik Gadis (4 Jun, Fridays 7pm)


BBC Earth (Starhub Ch 407)

Greta Thunberg: A Year To Change The World (5 Jun, Saturday 8.05pm)

Animal Einsteins (18 Jun, Fridays 8.05pm)

Prince William: A Planet For Us All (26 Jun, Saturdays 8.05pm)

BBC First (Starhub Ch 502)

Call The Midwife (Season 10) (25 Jun, Friday)

The Luminaries (11 Jun, Friday)

BBC Lifestyle (Starhub Ch 432)

Donal's Family Food In Minutes (7 Jun, Mondays 7pm)

Grand Designs (Season 18) (22 Jun, Tuesdays 9.15pm)

Cartoon Network (Starhub CH 316; Singtel CH 226)

Adventure Time: Distant Lands (12 Jun, Saturday 9pm)

FOX (Singtel CH 330)

Elementary (Season 2) (4 Jun, Fridays 6.10pm)

Code 404 (9 Jun, Sundays 10.25pm)

Intelligence (9 Jun, Sundays 10pm)

Lego Masters USA (Season 1) (21 Jun, Mondays 8pm)

FOX Life (Singtel CH 301)

In The Dark (Season 3) (10 Jun, Thursdays 9pm)

MasterChef US (Season 11) (3 Jun, Thursdays 8pm)

HBO (Starhub CH 601; Singtel CH 420)

Trinity of Shadows (13 Jun, Sundays 9pm)

I'll Be Gone In The Dark (22 Jun, Tuesdays 10am)

National Geographic (Singtel CH 201; Starhub CH 411)

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (Season 3) (1 Jun, Tuesdays 9am)

Oh!K (Starhub CH 816; Singtel CH 525)

On The Verge Of Insanity (24 Jun, Thursdays and Fridays 7.40pm)

tvN (Singtel Ch 518, 619; Starhub CH 824)

Voice 4 (19 Jun, Saturday and Sundays 9.15pm)



Loki (9 Jun)

Zenimation (Season 2) (11 Jun)

The Mysterious Benedict Society (11 Jun)

Wolfgang (11 Jun)

Luca (17 Jun)


Betty (Season 2) (12 Jun)


Super Monsters: Once Upon A Rhyme (1 Jun)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie (movie) (3 Jun)

Summertime (Season 2) (3 Jun)

Sweet & Sour (movie) (4 Jun)

Xtreme (movie) (4 Jun)

Fresh, Fried & Crispy (9 Jun)

Lupin Part 2 (11 Jun)

Trese (11 Jun)

Skater Girl (movie) (11 Jun)

Wish Dragon (11 Jun)

Elite Short Stories: Guzman Caye Rebe (14 Jun)

Workin' Moms (Season 5) (15 Jun)

Rhyme Time Town (Season 2) (15 Jun)

Elite Short Stories: Nadia Guzman (15 Jun)

Headspace: Unwind Your Mind (15 Jun)

Silver Skates (movie) (16 Jun)

Elite Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis (16 Jun)

Hospital Playlist (Season 2) (17 Jun)

The Gift (Season 3) (17 Jun)

Black Summer (Season 2) (17 Jun)

Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel (17 Jun)

Fatherhood (movie) (18 Jun)

Elite (Season 4) (18 Jun)

The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (18 Jun)

A Family (movie) (18 Jun)

Jagame Thandhiram (18 Jun)

Rurouni Kenshin: The Final (18 Jun)

Nevertheless (20 Jun)

Too Hot To Handle (Season 2) (23 Jun)

Godzilla Singular Point (24 Jun)

The Naked Director (Season 2) (24 Jun)

The A List (Season 2) (25 Jun)

America: The Motion Picture (30 Jun)

Voice 4 (tvN)
Voice 4 (tvN)