Turns Out, Almond Milk Has No Almonds In It

By: Lucy Meilus

Credit: Shutterstock

See this lovely stock image of almonds scattered next to a cup of milk? It’s actually a highly realistic interpretation of almond milk, because as it turns out, there are basically no almonds in it at all.

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According to Time, a new lawsuit brought against Almond Breeze maker Blue Diamond claims the “almond milk” contains just 2% of almonds. It’s mostly made up of water, sugar, carrageenan, and sunflower lecithin. No word yet on how much “breeze” is actually included.

Though Blue Diamond doesn’t list the almond percentage in the US, a UK Almond Breeze website reportedly also says it’s just 2%.

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The plaintiffs argue that the product’s packaging is deceiving, as it says it’s “made from real almonds,” and it includes pictures of them. In fact, the side of the carton shows two hands cupping a heaping pile of almonds so bountiful the holder is forced to let some poor almonds drop. Because he’s holding THAT many damn almonds.

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The lawsuit says the packaging tricks customers into believing the product is made mostly from almonds and that it’s healthy. The plaintiffs are seeking $5 million in damages from Blue Diamond – which seems totally appropriate, because just think of all the embarrassment this is going to cause at Yogalates.

Time notes that the lawsuit does not say specifically what percentage the average consumer would “deem acceptable for purchase,” but we’re going to assume it’s, like, SOME ALMONDS.

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