Justin Turner deserves more respect than he's getting

D.J. Short breaks down why Justin Turner deserves more respect than he's getting in drafts and explains that he is still a rock-solid option, when healthy.

Video Transcript

DJ SHORT: Justin Turner is probably one of those hitters who could have benefited with the NL keeping the designated hitter this season. But you can't really fault him for returning to the Dodgers. With his new two year, $34 million contract, he remains in one of the most loaded lineups in the sport.

Now 36 years old, Turner made it a point over the winter to lose some weight and improve his durability. He hasn't played in more than 135 games in a season since 2016, but he remains a rock-solid option when healthy, including a 307, 400, 460 batting line over 42 games last season.

Now, the power might not have been there last season-- he had just four homers-- but his barrel percentage was better than ever. Turner's approach is excellent, so he remains one of the better bets in the sport in terms of batting average, and on base percentage. With an average drop position of 193 in Yahoo leagues, Turner deserves more respect than he's getting.