Turn Your Photos Into Album Covers When You Try This New Instagram Story Trend

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If you thought you'd seen the best photo-editing hacks around, Instagrammers are here to say, "No, no you didn't." The newest and coolest photo-editing hack has hit Instagram Stories, and it lets you live out your rock-star dreams . . . well, sort of. People have figured out how to make their regular camera-roll photos look like album covers, and the results are so fun, nostalgic, and creative! TikToker @jessicaskribaa showed her followers how to do it, and her video has inspired countless others to give it a try for themselves. If you want your IGS to top the charts, simply follow these easy steps. Encore, please!

  • Find the photo you want to use for your "album cover," and upload it to your Instagram Story.

  • Type in a period as the text, and use the second font to the right.

  • Tap the "A" at the top of the screen, and make sure the period has a black background behind it.

  • Click "Done," and stretch the black box to cover the entire image.

  • Save the photo, and reupload it to your Story.

  • Go to "Music," and find the song you want to use.

  • Tap the song on your screen so it shows the album cover as opposed to the lyrics.

  • Go into the edit settings, and upload the original photo to your Story again.

  • Tap on the photo until it turns into a square, and put it over the album's photo.

  • Go to "GIFs," and search "Spotify."

  • Add the sticker that looks like music is playing.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lauren Harano

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lauren Harano

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