Try These Easy Décor Ideas for Your Prettiest Patio Yet

patio decor ideas
45 Best Patio Décor Ideas for a Stylish Backyard Daniel Cortez - Getty Images

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If you're anything like Ree Drummond, once the weather turns warm, you can't wait to head outside. Your outdoor living area probably becomes the heart of the house—the place where the gang gathers for everything from game night to grilling out. You want it to be as inviting as possible, so maybe it's time you go beyond cleaning your outdoor cushions and upgrade this special space with some fresh patio décor ideas.

From adding in a water feature to making wise use of outdoor rugs and backyard lights, we've gathered up 45 nifty design ideas that will make your backyard retreat not only more attractive but actually more useable. And while some of these suggestions require a little extra time and money, like tiling your patio—though we think it's totally worth it—many are easily accomplished without any renovation. It doesn't take much money or effort, for example, to mix in some carefully chosen outdoor accessories with your patio furniture or to even add a fire pit (s'mores for everyone!).

In fact, after utilizing some of these inspiring ideas, chances are good you're not going to want to abandon your patio when Jack Frost comes nippin'. In which case, you might want to take a peek at our best patio heaters to help keep your outdoor space year-round!

Enhance your space even more:

Install Turf

Take a cue from Alex and Mauricio and lay down some turf near your patio! Not only does it add such a pristine green look to the area, but it's also super easy to maintain.

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patio decor ideas
John keeble - Getty Images

Add Rustic Elements

Go for a Drummond Ranch vibe by embracing a rustic theme! You can do this by using dark stone and brick materials mixed with wooden elements. Plants and country decorations finish it off.

patio decor ideas rustic
Martina Birnbaum - Getty Images

Hang Pendant Lighting

Adding pendant lights to your deck will instantly make it feel more inviting and ready for hosting. Install them over a table to separate the outdoor dining area from the rest of the space.

patio decor ideas
Daniel Cortez - Getty Images

Add Pops of Color

There are so many ways to bring color into your space. Paint a door and windows, a wall, or even the floor. You can also do this by adding vibrant pieces such as pots and pillows.

patio decor ideas
John keeble - Getty Images

Decorate With Mirrors

There's no need to limit mirrors to the indoors! Choose a style that matches your other décor choices and watch as it bounces light around the area to give a more inviting, cozy atmosphere.

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patio decor ideas
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Build A Canopy Daybed

It might be a splurge, but adding a statement furniture piece to your space can make a huge impact. A canopied daybed makes for a comfy sitting (or napping) area and provides the most luxurious feel.

patio decor ideas
graphixel - Getty Images

Put Down Some Gravel

A Euro-style gravel floor gives a laid-back yet chic appearance that is sure to enhance your home. Just finish it off with your usual patio elements, like a dining table, chairs, lights, and plenty of plants.

patio decor ideas
RossHelen - Getty Images

Add Tropical Touches

Turn your patio into a tropical oasis by adding beachy elements such as colorful lights, signs, and flamingo or pineapple motifs. You can also paint your bar a bright color or plant some palm trees! To really stick to the theme, you can even build a cabana.

patio decor ideas
John keeble - Getty Images

Choose a Color Combo

There's no need to stick with one hue when decorating your outdoor area! Choose several colors that go together (such as pink and yellow) for your furniture and décor pieces to make a palette that's uniquely you and oh so pretty!

patio decor ideas
Isabel Pavia - Getty Images

Put Up A Movie Screen

Who wouldn't want their own private outdoor movie theater? You can easily do this by setting up a movie screen on your patio. Fairy lights and comfy seating just make it even better.

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patio decor ideas
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Hang a Hammock

Plenty of comfy chairs are a must-have on any patio, but you can also switch up your seating by adding a jazzy string hammock. Piled high with plush pillows, this is one place to enjoy some much-needed R&R.

close up of a string hammock with cushions on a deck in a yard
KatarzynaBialasiewicz - Getty Images

Add Inviting Signs

Let guests know they're welcome with an inviting sign that's perfect for any season! This red barn metal sign can go in your flower bed, garden, or patio, but there are also signs that are great for hanging on walls.

patio decor ideas signs

Build a Bar

Outdoor bars make entertaining so much easier in the warm weather months, whether you're hosting neighborhood happy hours or a big barbecue for friends and family. Be sure to fill it with colorful drinkware and accessories for a festive touch.

patio decor ideas bar
Ray Kachatorian - Getty Images

DIY Chic Shelving

Cute shelving solutions, like the clever little tiered number shown here, aren't just handy for holding potted plants. They help your patio feel homier and more complete.

patio decor ideas shelving
brebca - Getty Images

Add Some Pillows

Soft goods like throws and pillows can help turn your patio into a snug, serene escape from it all.

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patio decor ideas pillows

Invest in a Water Feature

A fountain not only adds the soothing sounds of water flowing to your patio, but it also invites birds and other wildlife onto it as well.

patio decor ideas water fountain
mtreasure - Getty Images

Try a Boho Look

Bold colors and patterns give this patio a boho aesthetic that's both stylish and laid-back. How cute are the matching pink flowers to the pillows?!

patio decor ideas boho
UnitedPhotoStudio1 - Getty Images

Make Sparks Fly

Turn your summer patio into a three-season space with a fire pit, which will not only make the area cozier, it will also provide loads of visual appeal.

patio decor ideas firepit
Amy Stocklein Images - Getty Images

Put Up a Pergola

If you really want to add some razzle dazzle to your property, build a roof structure over your patio, and then trick it out with good-looking furniture and lighting. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood!

patio decor ideas pergola
Eirasophie - Getty Images

Don't Forget the Rug

Bring the indoors out by adding an all-weather rug to your patio. It will help define the "room" and it's the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor patio space.

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patio decor ideas outdoor rug

Add an Ottoman

There are several reasons ottomans are so popular: not only do they serve as extra seating and a place to prop your feet, you can also use them as a coffee table. Now that's a win-win-win!

patio decor ideas ottoman
Joe Schmelzer - Getty Images

Set Up a Seating Nook

If you don't have much room on your patio, don't fret. Carve out a little nook with a bistro table and chairs, and you've got a spot for morning coffee, afternoon tea and maybe even a glass of wine come happy hour.

patio decor ideas seating nook
Kristin Mitchell - Getty Images

Swing Away

Whether you go for a luxurious hanging daybed or a simple little wooden loveseat like your grandparents used to have, no patio or porch is complete without a swing.

patio decor ideas swing
Kinzie Riehm - Getty Images

Pick a Modern Pattern

Prominent patterns, like this eye-catching vertical stripe, add punch to patio fabrics. Stick with one pattern to keep it modern or toss in a second contrasting pattern if you're feeling feisty.

patio decor ideas pattern
Martin Barraud - Getty Images

Swap Your Dinnerware

Part of the fun of having a patio or deck is dining al fresco! Set the table with a new dinnerware set made from durable melamine.

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patio decor ideas outdoor dinnerware

Go Natural

Woven furniture made from rattan and other natural materials like bamboo and seagrass is not only environmentally friendly but also stylish and strong, lasting year after year.

patio decor ideas natural furniture
KatarzynaBialasiewicz - Getty Images

Go Beyond the Patio

Need more room than you have on your patio for a bigger dinner party? Take that table and those chairs right out to your garden. Illuminate the scene with taper candles and consider bringing out the china to craft a sumptuous, romantic setting that's more than a little magical.

patio decor ideas beyond the patio
Fancy/Veer/Corbis - Getty Images

Try Tile Flooring

Patio flooring is often made of concrete or wood, but if you'd like to go for a different vibe, tile can provide an upscale alternative that's durable and easy to maintain.

patio decor ideas tile
Joe Schmelzer - Getty Images

Get Creative With Curtains

Curtains are a fast way to create privacy and shade on your patio. Plus, they look so graceful when they flutter in the breeze, don't they?

patio decor ideas curtains
annakazimir - Getty Images

Accessorize With Planters

Just as they do indoors, accessories like these cute planters provide exterior rooms with both personality and flowers. They're the perfect finishing touch.

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patio decor ideas accessories

Lay Brick

Brick has a classic, elevated charm that makes it a fantastic choice for patios. It's also long-lasting and comes in an array of colors.

patio decor ideas lay brick
TimAbramowitz - Getty Images

Hang a Wreath

No matter what season it may be, a wreath is a pretty way to add flowers or greenery to your patio or back door. You can even switch up the wreath depending on the holiday.

patio decor ideas wreath
Тодорчук Екатерина - Getty Images

Use String Lights

Don't be afraid to get fanciful with your patio's illumination. Whimsical fairy lights, Edison bulbs, paper lanterns and even tiki torches will really make it shine.

patio decor ideas lighting
Jakub Mazur - Getty Images

Plant Fragrant Flowers

When deciding what to plant around your patio, don't neglect fragrant blooms. Flowers including roses, honeysuckle, gardenia and lavender will perfume the air, making your sanctuary that much more inviting.

patio decor ideas posies
Andreas von Einsiedel - Getty Images

Hide Everyday Garden Tools

Keep your everyday garden tools that might not be the prettiest to look at in decorative containers, like this embossed metal pot that's used to store a hose. It'll also help keep your patio tidy.

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patio decor ideas hide garden tools

Get Cookin' With an Outdoor Kitchen

The master griller in the family will appreciate the addition of an outdoor kitchen to your patio. This one has a built-in grill feature, but all you really need is some counter and storage space, a good grill, and maybe a small fridge or cooler.

patio decor ideas outdoor kitchen
TimAbramowitz - Getty Images

Go Monochrome

One easy way to give your patio a sleek, sophisticated feel is to go mostly monochromatic. Begin with a base color like white, and then mix in a few accessories in a bold black to make a serious statement.

patio decor ideas monochrome
Scott Van Dyke - Getty Images

Grow Herbs

Even if you don't have enough land for a garden, you can take advantage of your patio by keeping potted herbs (or even veggies) in containers.

patio decor ideas container garden
oksix - Getty Images

Change With the Seasons

Seasonal decor isn't just for front doors and fireplace mantels. In autumn, bring out the pumpkins, mums and plaid fabrics to your patio; in spring, think about pastel-colored cushions and loads of pansies in pots.

patio decor ideas seasons fall
Anastasiia Krivenok - Getty Images

Hang a Bird House

Turn your backyard into a bird sanctuary with a cute bird house or bird feeder. It'll be fun to watch as they come and go.

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patio decor ideas bird feeder

Lounge About

One of life's great joys is lazing in the sun. Be sure to set aside a spot on your patio to do just that with a lounger or daybed. Pillows and a throw will make it an even more appealing spot for a nap.

jack russell on sunlounger at back door of overgrown country residence patio
Andreas von Einsiedel - Getty Images

Take Advantage of Wall Space

Instead of just using floor space for your patio garden, why not go up, with wall, vertical, or hanging planters? It's great way to take advantage of unused space and bring vibrancy and vitality to the whole area.

patio decor ideas wall space planters

Install a Bench

Put in a little bench and a place to store muddy shoes next to your back door and you'll thank the heavens for the convenience every time you take off your footwear.

back door of country house with patio with green wrought iron bench with boot storage shelving beside it
Justin Paget - Getty Images

Mix and Match

While patio furniture sets are popular, go ahead and feel free to mix it up instead. Carefully choosing chairs, couches and tables in different styles, or made from varying materials, can create a lovely layered look that's popular in interiors.

patio decor ideas mix and match
Maskot - Getty Images

Open Up an Umbrella

Not only will it keep the summer sun from beating down upon your neck, a pretty patio umbrella also adds an undeniably polished touch to any furniture grouping.

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patio decor ideas umbrella

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