Turn Your Dog Into a Mermaid With This Adorable Sparkly Life Jacket

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Albabara
Photo credit: Albabara

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Dogs really are like children — they require love, attention, and precautions to keep them safe. So when it’s time to go swimming this summer, why not suit up your pup in a fun life jacket? We doubt there’s anything cuter (and funnier) than this mermaid vest for dogs.

The life jacket comes from Albabara, a brand that makes pet products. Not only will it keep them afloat in the pool, lake, or wherever your pup jumps in the water, but it looks freaking adorable because it turns them into a mermaid.

The sparkly blue vest has a scaly design and comes in small, medium, and large sizes with adjustable buckles. It’s available on Amazon Prime for under $30, so it’ll be here in time for a weekend of outdoor activities!

“Looks sooo pretty on my Shiba puppy and super sparkly under the sun!” one buyer wrote. “It helped her learn how to swim on her first kayaking/paddle boarding trip. Love how it doubles as a harness as well.”

As if your dog weren’t already the cutest one in town, this mermaid vest seals the deal. Consider your pup the Ariel to your Flounder, and hit the water!

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