Tulsa Cat Who’s Known for Taking People’s Cash Is Such a Total Gem

As we all know, cats are pretty smart and can learn new tricks, just like dogs can. But since they're careful hunters, they know how to be discreet.

Oklahoma TV reporter @kweaves_ shared a video, posted on August 29, of a kitty at a local business in Downtown Tulsa that takes your money! See for yourself!

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Meet "Cashnip Kitty."

His given name almost sounds like the nickname of a gangster who takes money from locals and businesses as a protection racket.

But don't be alarmed; Cashnip Kitty is harmless and doesn't even steal your pocket cash but demands you give it to him directly through a slot by the entrance.

And how could you say "no" to a cute cat like Cashnip Kitty?

After inserting the cash, he playfully grabs the money and brings it to his owner, creating a delightful and memorable experience for visitors.

What makes this story even more heartwarming is that the money collected by Cashnip Kitty isn't for personal gain.

Instead, the owners of the business generously donate the collected funds to a local homeless shelter. This thoughtful act of charity demonstrates how a simple yet creative idea involving a furry friend can have a positive impact on the community.

As this story continues to unfold, it showcases how small gestures can lead to significant positive changes, highlighting the unique and heartwarming bond between animals, businesses, and the community they serve.

So if you're planning on visiting Tulsa anytime soon, make sure to give Cashnip Kitty a visit in the East Village area of Downtown Tulsa, but don't come empty-handed.

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