Tucker Carlson doubles down on attack on Black Lives Matter

Tucker Carlson continued his attack on the Black Lives Matter movement on Monday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, this time lamenting the group’s recent surge in popularity. A new poll by Rasmussen, which Carlson pointed out is a right-leaning pollster, showed 62% of likely voters have a favorable opinion of BLM, while at the same time they found that President Trump’s approval rating is only 43%.

Video Transcript


TUCKER CARLSON: Here's some bracing news we never expected to report. Black Lives Matter is now more popular than the President of the United States. And not slightly more popular than the president, much more popular.

KYLIE MAR: On Monday night's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Carlson lamented the Black Lives Matter movement's recent surge in popularity becoming far more popular than President Trump, whose numbers have been plummeting. But Carlson was quick to point out that Trump is not alone.

TUCKER CARLSON: Black Lives Matter is far more popular than Joe Biden is, too. It's more popular than America's religious institutions. All of them. It's more popular than the media, the Congress, and big business.

Black Matters is more popular by double digits than both the Democratic and the Republican parties.

KYLIE MAR: Carlson also seems to allude to the fact that advertisers quickly abandoned the show last week after he said the protests following the killing of George Floyd were no longer about Black lives.

TUCKER CARLSON: Imagine a world where you are punished for questioning the behavior of the president or for insulting your local mayor. You probably can't imagine that. It's too bizarre. It's un-American. But that's where we are right now.

Black Lives Matter has changed the rules, and here's their first new rule. No criticizing Black Lives Matter.

KYLIE MAR: Carlson also conflated the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests that have been going on for weeks with the riots that took place soon after Floyd's death.

TUCKER CARLSON: Is there a reason the DOJ hasn't filed federal conspiracy charges against the people who organized and led these riots? It's not as if we don't know who they are. Their crimes are on YouTube. You know the reason. Black Lives Matter was involved.

KYLIE MAR: And Carlson made clear what he thinks of supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

TUCKER CARLSON: Black Lives Matter is getting exactly what they want. And that is the most basic sign of strength. Strength is the most appealing quality to voters and to people and to animals.


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