TSA Unveils Self-screening Checkpoint at Las Vegas Airport — See How It Works

“This self-service prototype allows our trusted travelers to complete the screening process at their own pace...”

Airport security checkpoints may soon be getting a high-tech makeover.

Following its December announcement, self-screening security checkpoints have been installed at Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport. The new system is so high-tech that it doesn’t even have people to operate it at all; however, TSA officers are on standby for any questions or problems that arise.

The checkpoint operates similar to the normal security process, however enhanced screening technology is deployed through the process. First, passengers place their carry-on luggage in bins that move through the screening station automatically. Next, the passenger walks into a station where their body is screened for any type of metal or objects.

“Once passengers have completed the required screening process and are cleared for travel, automated exit doors open so travelers can gather their belongings and head to their flights,” a TSA news release details.

If the machine detects an issue, such as a person forgetting to take out their cell phone from a pocket, they can resolve the issue themselves by placing the item on the screening belt, and then getting re-screened without the need for an officer to do an in person screening.

“This self-service prototype allows our trusted travelers to complete the screening process at their own pace,” TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in the release. “Testing at the Innovation Checkpoint in Las Vegas gives us an opportunity to collect valuable user data and insights, and explore opportunities to apply parts of the prototype to other airport security checkpoints.”

The prototype was built in partnership between the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) at a lab in Arlington, VA.

Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas is expected to be one of the busiest airports during the spring break travel season, according to data from booking site trivago shared with Travel + Leisure. The TSA has also predicted that this spring break will exceed the record-level number of travelers from 2023.

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