Sculpt Your Entire Body Anywhere With This 15-Minute Mini Band Workout

Sculpt Your Entire Body Anywhere With This 15-Minute Mini Band Workout

As much as I'd love to tote around my entire home gym on every getaway to keep up my strength routine, that's simply not possible. That is until I added a set of resistance bands. These small-but-mighty tools build serious strength. You can use them to work pretty much every muscle head to toe. Plus, resistance bands have so many benefits that can make them a better option than dumbbells or kettlebells. (Really!)

For starters, resistance bands use oppositional force to train your muscles, meaning the band will feel heavier the more you pull on it, says personal trainer Kristina Earnest, AFAA, NASM. “This challenges you to maintain the speed and power you use to execute a movement through its full range of motion,” Earnest says. Got that down?

Meet the expert: Kristina Earnest, AFAA, NASM, is a New York-based certified personal trainer, with a decade of training and teaching under her belt. She offers hundreds of on-demand classes at Kristina Earnest on Demand.

That also means you can easily adjust your workout intensity by either choosing a band with more resistance, or rather, moving the band to different tension points on the body (such as lower or higher on your legs to increase difficulty), Earnest notes. And BTW, it’s best to have a minimum of three resistance bands on deck—light, medium, and heavy—since different muscle groups might require varying levels of resistance, Earnest says.

Stretch your strength training routine with this quick, do-it-anywhere resistance band workout, programmed by Earnest. (If you love it, try the 30-day resistance band challenge for more ways to sweat with mini-bands.)

Time: 15 to 30 minutes | Equipment: Resistance band(s) | Good for: Total body

Instructions: For an efficient, full-body workout, select four to five exercises from the below list. Do each exercise for 45 seconds each (with all-out effort), then rest for 15 seconds. After completing one set of the selected exercises, you can take extended recovery as needed or continue onto the next set. Complete four sets total. (For extra difficulty, do two rounds of four sets.)

(Kathryn Wirsing)

Resistance bands work for building muscle and strength anywhere. These resistance band exercises create a full-body workout great for women and beginners.