Try This Chef-Approved Toothpick Trick For Frying Taquitos

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Have you ever tried to fry taquitos at home but ended up with a mess? The fillings come out, the tortillas gets soggy, or the taquitos are quite floppy — truly a bummer, but don't fret. Not only do we have the pro tip for crispy taquitos straight from the air fryer, but we also have a chef-approved toothpick trick for frying taquitos. Tasting Table spoke with vegan chef, author, and TV host Priyanka Naik about taquitos and how to fry them to perfection.

Naik stated, "I like to use a toothpick to hold the taquito together when frying and remove before serving." This tip ensures that your taquitos don't lose their form and that their fillings don't seep into the oil while frying. Additionally, a little preparation and planning are key. Naik explained, "I make the filling ahead of time, place it in the fridge to cool, and then roll my taquitos. You don't want to roll hot filling into a tortilla and then fry it immediately as it will break apart and may splatter in the hot oil." Hot filling tends to be wet, too, so chilling it in the fridge allows the solids in the filling to soak up liquid and sauces. You also probably don't want to work with piping-hot filling that can burn your hands. In case you need a filling idea, in the past, Naik told us the best meat alternative for vegan taquitos.

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Lightly Heating The Tortillas First Helps In Rolling Perfect Taquitos

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Staten Island-born and raised Indian-American chef Naik has a surprising wealth of information when it comes to making delicious vegan Mexican food. She knows how, sometimes, it may not be that easy for you to roll the tortilla and shape your taquitos perfectly. Naik has one more exclusive tip for you: "[Lightly] heat your tortilla on a cast iron skillet until pliable but not golden or crispy. This makes the rolling easier!" Just be sure not to overheat the tortilla; you'll end up breaking it apart if it is crispy and crunchy instead of rolling it. If you need a recommendation for the best tortilla, Tasting Table has ranked 12 store-bought tortilla brands to guide you.

Using Naik's tips, you'll be frying crispy and delectable taquitos, like Tasting Table's turkey taquitos with cranberry chipotle salsa, in no time. If you're a vegan like Naik, be sure to check out all of our plant-based Mexican recipes, including our shredded tofu tacos recipe.

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