The Truth Behind TikTok’s McDonald’s Snack Wrap Rumors

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Photo:  Rosamar (Shutterstock)
Photo: Rosamar (Shutterstock)

A recent string of TikToks and the general wishful thinking of the internet has once again led to dashed dreams for those who want McDonald’s to bring back the long-discontinued Snack Wraps. This isn’t the first time Tik Tok has done Snack Wrap fans dirty, but I surely hope it’s the last because this is starting to feel like a boy who cried wolf situation.

TikTok keeps psyching us out about the McDonald’s Snack Wrap

Most recently, TikTok user @Polothestud, posted a few videos that gave the impression that McDonald’s was bringing the Snack Wrap back to its menu. The first TikTok that was posted shows a McDonald’s bag and two wraps being unwrapped to reveal chicken, lettuce, and cheese that all resemble the original Snack Wrap. However, the second TikTok posted by the same user clarifies that the wrap is not the original Snack Wrap.

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Instead, the wrap shown is a special request fulfilled by a particular location in Long Island. The wrap contains a breaded chicken piece and a slice of American cheese which is slightly different from the original snack wrap which used a chicken strip and shredded cheese.

Earlier this year, another TikTok user put us all in a tizzy thinking the Honey Mustard Snack Wrap was returning. Unfortunately, the whole thing was just this one user’s way of vying for more followers and the videos were debunked by a McDonald’s representative who confirmed the wrap was not coming to any menus in the U.S. or Canada.

Before these most recent incidents, there was another let down on TikTok that came in the form of a comment regarding the Snack Wraps. In August of 2021, a TikTok user commented on a video about Snack Wraps claiming to be a McDonald’s employee. The comment read, “As a McDonald’s worker, they are supposed to be coming back soon. We are waiting to hear back from corporate.” However, a Takeout staff member confirmed with a McDonald’s representative over email once again that the wraps would not be coming back.

What McDonald’s says about the Snack Wrap

Bottom line is that it’s not coming back, folks. Period. The company confirmed that it has absolutely no plans to bring Snack Wraps back to nationwide menus in the U.S. at this time. The Snack Wrap was nationally discontinued several years ago, and McDonald’s USA also confirms Snack Wraps were phased out as a local offering in June 2020.

Unfortunately, aside from the internet’s constant demands for it, there quite honestly isn’t much reason for the snack wraps to make a comeback. The reasons for the Snack Wrap’s demise still stand. Snack wraps were a precursor to the McDonald’s McWrap which the chain eliminated due to its long turnaround time and complication of a menu the company was looking to simplify. Even in a smaller format, those issues are still true of the snack wrap, so until the demand outweighs those challenges, it’s hard to see from a business perspective why McDonald’s would explore bringing this menu item back.

No matter how much the internet pleads and sparks rumors of a comeback, it doesn’t look like McDonald’s will be succumbing to the pressure anytime soon. And each time a video is posted making us think anything is possible in the world of fast food dreams, we’re snapped back by the reality that this is all just business. So, please TikTok, I beg you to let us all move on. I don’t think my heart can take much more of this teasing.