Trump said he heard a firsthand account of ‘the looters, the anarchists, the rioters’ on a plane

Before boarding Air Force One on Tuesday, President Trump said he heard the claim about a plane filling with rioters, looters and anarchists. Trump has yet to provide proof of the claim, which he first made in an interview with Laura Ingraham that aired Monday night on Fox News.

Video Transcript

- Mr. President, can you tell us more about this plot that you were referring to on Fox News last night--

DONALD TRUMP: --the which?

- This plot of people gathering on a plane in [INAUDIBLE]

DONALD TRUMP: Yeah, I can tell you that-- I can probably refer you to the person, and they could do it. I'd like to ask that person if it was OK, but a person who was on a plane said that there were about six people like that person, more or less. And what happened is the entire plane filled up with the looters, the anarchists, the rioters, people that obviously were looking for trouble. And the person felt very uncomfortable in the plane.

This would be a person you know, so I will see whether or not I can get that person. I'll let them know and I'll see whether or not I can get that person to speak to you. But this was a firsthand account of a plane going from Washington to wherever, and I'll see if I can get that information for you. Maybe they'll speak to you, maybe they won't.