Trump officially announces Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court nominee

President Trump on Saturday announced Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: Amy Coney Barrett will decide cases based on the text of the Constitution as written. As Amy has said, being a judge takes courage. You are not there to decide cases as you may prefer.

You are there to do your duty, and to follow the law wherever it may take you. That is exactly what Judge Barrett will do on the US Supreme Court. I want to thank the members of the Senate, we have so many of them here today, thank you very much.

I see you in the audience, and you are so proud. But I want to thank you for your commitment and to providing a fair and timely hearing. I know it will be that. Judge Barrett was confirmed to the circuit court three years ago by a bipartisan vote. Her qualifications are unsurpassed, unsurpassed. And her record is beyond reproach. This should be a straightforward and prompt confirmation. Should be very easy, good luck. It's going to be very quick.

I'm sure it'll be extremely noncontroversial. We said that the last time, didn't we? Well thank you all very much, and thank you for being here. That's really great. Thank you.


Thank you. I further urge all members of the other side of the aisle to provide Judge Barrett with a respectful and dignified hearing that she deserves, and frankly that our country deserves.

I urge lawmakers and members of the media to refrain from personal or partisan attacks, and the stakes for our country are incredibly high. Rulings that the Supreme Court will issue in the coming years will decide the survival of our Second Amendment, our religious liberty, our public safety and so much more. To maintain security, liberty, and prosperity, we must preserve our priceless heritage of a nation of laws. And there is no one better to do that than Amy Coney Barrett.