Trump's Tone-Deaf Tweet About Hurricane Harvey Will Make You Want to Rip Your Hair Out

Victoria Messina

Leave it to Donald Trump to use a dire situation like Hurricane Harvey as an opportunity to boast about how "great" of a job he's doing at keeping tabs on it. The hurricane, which made landfall in Texas on the evening of Aug. 25, is expected to bring "catastrophic flooding" to the area. The POTUS has been incessantly tweeting about the storm, using every chance he can to let Americans know that he's "closely watching" and "monitoring" things. But his latest social media posts about Harvey have left us shaking our heads.

When US Senator Chuck Grassley tweeted at Trump to say that he shouldn't make the "same mistake Pres Bush made [with] Katrina," Trump replied and gave himself a pat on the back for his response to Hurricane Harvey.


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But it didn't stop there, as he fired off another tone-deaf tweet that solely acknowledged the government's preparedness for the storm, rather than discussing the safety and needs of Texans in Harvey's path.

It seems like Trump is more interested in using the alarming circumstances of the storm as a platform to boast about the government's preparedness. But other internet users think it goes deeper than that. Considering the fact that Trump snuck in a tweet about fully pardoning Sherriff Joe Arpaio (which caused a sh*tstorm of backlash) among his various tweets about Hurricane Harvey, some people believe he's trying to cover up the news of the pardon.

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