Troy Taylor Shares Little-Known Moments About His Career As A Producer

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In this interview from the “American Sounds” interview series, award-winning producer Troy Taylor, Taylor opens up about some of the lesser-known moments in his career, like when Tyrese stood him up for their first recording session of Sweet Lady (he felt it was too mature for him), or when he challenged Whitney Houston in the studio to the point of aggravation.

Taylor says that he goes off what he calls the “blueprint of R&B” when helping artists create a sound. “That calls for emotion, feeling, tone, expression…I make sure artists always have those elements in their music.” Taylor also lists some of this top favorite artists to have worked with, including Koryn Hawthorne, B2K, and Aretha Franklin.

What makes Black music special, says Taylor, is how influential it is. “It’s one of the most influential genres of music ever…we influence everything.”

Watch the full American Sounds interview with Troy Taylor above.