Trivia Time: Test of your knowledge of baseball's favorite food — the hot dog

(Michael Wagstaffe / Yahoo Sports)
(Michael Wagstaffe / Yahoo Sports)

We don’t have baseball yet, but we still have Fourth of July — that’s one part of traditional Americana every summer. You know another one? Hot dogs.

So this week in a new installment of Trivia Time, we’re seeing how well you know your baseball hot dogs. We’ll hit you with a few trivia questions about baseball and hot dogs, plus we’ll see if you can name which teams make some of the more creative hot dogs in MLB these days.

Ready? Let’s go.

Well, how did you do?

10-for-10: You’re the Joey Chestnut of baseball/hot dog trivia!

7-9: Solid. You’ve earned yourself a hot dog and a beer.

4-6: Take your mustard and go about your day.

3 or fewer: Stick to burgers.

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