Trippie Redd on His New Ksubi Collection and Personal Style Journey

trippie redd x ksubi
Trippie Redd on His New Ksubi CollectionThe Cobrasnake courtesy of Ksubi
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Ksubi kicked off New York Fashion Week with the debut of the Australian brand's capsule collection in collaboration with recording artist, Trippie Redd. The 21 piece collection was showcased under rich, red lights at the Georgia Room at the Freehand Hotel and set off with an electric performance by Redd, who teased unreleased tracks in the center of the venue.

The parallels shared between Ksubi and Redd made this collection feel especially authentic. Ksubi has long been known for its luxurious-but-rebellious approach to fashion, with an emphasis on individuality and customization. Redd, for his part, is steeped in a punk ethos and aesthetic, pulling inspiration from the worlds around him and experimenting with disparate elements to develop and evolve his style. Naturally, his approach lends itself to this collection, with each look reflecting the many characters Redd expresses when playing with fashion.

In the edited and condensed conversation below, Redd spoke candidly with Esquire in his hotel room about his personal style journey and inspirations behind this collection.

trippie redd x ksubi
A hangtag from the capsule collection.The Cobrasnake courtesy of Ksubi

Esquire: Throughout your music career, one of your signifiers has always been your style: the colorful locs, punk aesthetic, and tattoos. What inspired your style then and what does now?

Redd: Honestly, I have a bit of main character syndrome. I like watching movies and seeing how the evil guys and good guys dress up and how they stand out when they dress. I embody my inner character.

Have you always been this way?

Since I was a kid.

trippie redd at the ksubi event at nyfw
The man himself at the NYFW event.David Cabrera

How much of your personal style has influenced this collection?

Anything I attach myself to has to embody what I’m on and the fashion that we’re releasing now is literally everything we’ve been wearing. Looking into streetwear and high fashion with a little hipster spin to it.

What’s one piece from this collection that you’d look at and say, “That’s Trippie”?

There’s a pair of jeans, they’re gray and a bit baggy and they have some wrinkle designs at the ankle and those are pretty dope. Those are my favorite from the collection.

ksubi x trippie redd
An exclusive preview of the upcoming campaign.Courtesy of Ksubi

Ksubi has always been known to be a rebellious and daring brand and you take a lot of risks with your style. Can you describe your most impulsive style decision?

It’s a lot of big risks I take but, I don’t do it without having some meaning to it.

So, how much of this collection is connected to your life experiences?

All of it. A lot of it is stuff that people might have made fun of or didn’t want wear—or didn’t understand it back in the day—but now it’s like a big thing. For me to release this collection with Ksubi, it’s just a blessing to be able to do that. Back in the day everyone would’ve laughed at me, and now there’s all these people downstairs excited to see me.

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