Triple Pane Windows – Why are They So Popular?

While some might think of windows as little more than glass and a frame, it's important to take note of the advancements in technology. These changes allow property owners to enjoy the practical benefits of beautiful windows with added features. Double pane windows became popular several years ago. While they are still very popular, triple-pane options are fast taking Canada and the world by storm. We checked with a top rated windows and doors company in Winnipeg and this is what we found out:

What is a triple pane window?
Many years ago, windows consisted of a single pane of glass. Due to energy efficiency concerns, double pane windows were invented and fast became a hit. Today, however, we have learned that by adding another pane, energy efficiency can be improved exponentially! The three panes are secured in a sealed frame and the gaps between each pane are filled with inert gas. Unlike the air we breathe, gases like argon and krypton do not conduct hot or cold temperatures as easily. These heavy gases are also great when it comes to noise insulation. Which is why they are particularly popular for bedrooms and nurseries.

Improved energy efficiency
As briefly mentioned above, triple pane windows offer the most energy efficiency. While the initial investment is somewhat greater than double pane windows, it will prove more than worth your while in the long run. According to studies, homes with triple pane windows enjoy 20% greater energy efficiency compared to those with double pane windows. This is because there are two chambers filled with gas to slow the transfer of exterior temperatures. During the summer, hot air outside will be kept at bay. In the winter, these windows help keep the cold temperatures at bay while preventing the heat inside your home from escaping.

Improved soundproofing
The extra pane and additional gas-filled chamber are not only great for preventing temperatures from transferring from one side of the window to the other. Triple pane windows are also great for keeping noise levels down. This means that you don't have to worry about the sound of traffic waking your up in the middle of the night. Similarly, if you plan on hosting a party, you can keep the noise from disturbing your neighbors.

Environmental impact
Improved energy efficiency is not only great for your pocket each month. It's also beneficial for the environment. The more you need to use your air conditioners and heating systems, the more they add to all those harmful carbon emissions. These emissions take a serious toll on the environment which is why homeowners around the world are looking for ways of making their properties more environmentally friendly. Improved insulation is a major step in the right direction. By keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, you will be doing your part by reducing the carbon emissions of your household.

Triple pane windows are an easy and practical improvement that can be made to any home. It's also important to understand the role that window frames play. The energy efficiency of any window will be compromised if the frame is not intact. Improper window installations can also result in air and water infiltration. So, when you plan on upgrading your windows, make sure that you have them installed by trained professionals.

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