I Tried the New Version of the Famous Body Butter That Sells Every 8 Seconds

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It made my itchy skin baby soft.

<p>instagram: @soldejaneiro</p>

instagram: @soldejaneiro

My skin is the type of dry that goes beyond just a little tightness or discomfort; every winter since middle school, tiny patches of scaly psoriasis pop up the moment temperatures drop and heaters get turned on. The flare-ups are itchy, uncomfortable, and sometimes gnarly-looking, all of which prompted a years-long journey to find the perfect lotion. Some have helped calm the itch and reduce flakiness, but few have left me with actually soft skin. But this year I tested a new body butter that, in spite of winter conditions, has left my psoriasis-prone skin completely smooth.

The internet-famous brand Sol de Janeiro is a staple at InStyle, with beauty editor’s obsessing over everything from the viral Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, which sells every eight seconds, to the firming body oil. And while I agree that the brand’s staples are that good (and, yes, smell that delicious), it’s the newly-launched Delícia Drench Body Butter that’s completely blown me away.



This new addition to the Sol de Janeiro family is the brand’s richest cream yet. When you scoop some out from the tub, the body butter is so thick that it’s practically a solid. But after a few seconds of warming up the lotion in your hands, it quickly transforms into a smooth, creamy formula that practically melts into the skin. “The consistency and effectiveness of this cream makes it a staple for me in the peak of winter,” wrote one shopper, noting that the body butter “rubs into the skin very easily and feels silky smooth” despite its initial thickness.

The Delícia Drench cream is formulated with moisturizing and skin-calming ingredients including hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory passionflower seed oil, the combination of which has made my dry, easily-irritated skin feel baby soft and soothed. And according to someone who has to wash their hands “at least 20-30 times a day” for work, this cream “added moisture back” to their stripped-skin and left their hands “so soft.”

What’s more, it gets me non-stop compliments thanks to the scent. If you’re wondering what the Sol de Janeiro Delícia Drench smells like, I’d describe it as the perfect mixture of warm and sweet, with notes of plum, vanilla, violet, and amber. While a number of Sol de Janeiro’s scents read more summery — with tropical mixes that feel designed for the beach — this combination feels perfect for winter wear. “The scent is heavy on the vanilla with a slight floral note,” wrote a shopper who called the smell “beautiful,” light, and versatile. According to another person, “the scent is divine and lasts literally all day long,” while someone else noted that they could still smell the lotion up to an entire day after applying it.

For dry, cracked winter skin that needs more TLC that a standard lotion can provide, Sol de Janeiro’s newly-launched Delícia Drench Body Butter is a must. Grab the moisturizer I tell everyone they need for $48 today.

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