I tried vacuum sealing my food to cut back on waste, and now I can’t stop

 B!pod Dro!d held in a hand above a table with a floral green tablecloth on it.
B!pod Dro!d held in a hand above a table with a floral green tablecloth on it.

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I’ve got pretty major food waste anxiety, probably because I grew up in the kind of household where you didn’t leave the dinner table until you’d finished every bite, and where meals were planned in military fashion so as to avoid ingredients being dumped in the trash.

Pair that with the fact that meal planning for one is not the easiest feat to balance around working, household management and leisure time, and I’ve found myself regularly over inundated with excess ingredients and leftovers that end up being wasted.

It’s not a problem I face alone; most households struggle with food waste to some degree. According to United Nations statistics, an estimated 17 per cent of total global food production is wasted in households.

So, when B!pod invited me to review their new handheld food preservation device, Dro!d, I eagerly accepted – and it’s revolutionized my relationship with food.

Bipod Dro!d
Bipod Dro!d

Vacuum sealing food: how it works

Vacuum sealers suck the air out of a container and create a seal to ensure the contents stay as fresh as possible, whether they’re headed for the pantry, refrigerator or freezer. They make for an excellent addition to any kitchen, but especially for cost-conscious or time-poor households.

By vacuum sealing ingredients and meals, you can extend the shelf life by days, weeks and even months depending on how you’re storing them.

B!pod’s vacuum sealer is especially impressive, offering a unique form factor and method of sealing. The product is split into two components; a set of three specially designed dishwasher-safe plastic containers (each a different capacity; 0.4-litres, 0.7-litres and 1.4-litres) and the Dro!d vacuum-sealing device, which looks a little like a set of binoculars. Also included is a charging base, a charging cable and power supply.

By simply placing the Dro!d on top of the plastic container and pressing the button, you can vacuum seal your food in as little as 30 seconds, with B!pod claiming it can remove up to 95% of oxygen from the container. To release the seal, simply lift the rubber plug on the container’s lid and listen with satisfaction as air rushes back in.

Bipod Dro!d
Bipod Dro!d

Can't stop, won't stop

This might not sound thrilling to you so far, but let me tell you; in practice, it’s almost addictive.

In just a few short weeks, I found myself vacuum sealing everything I could think of. Prepped ingredients ahead of a dinner party? Sealed. Leftover smoked salmon orzo I wanted to enjoy later rather than chow down two days in a row? Vacuumed. Coffee beans I don’t want to rush through because drinking caffeinated drinks every day makes my brain zoom too hard? Preserved.

You can buy Dro!d for £319 in the UK directly from B!pod’s website. As of writing, it’s not available in the US or Australia, but there are plenty of alternatives available on sites such as Amazon. A similar device has been available from Zwilling, the Fresh and Save, for a few years.

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