I Tried Nordstrom Trunk Club, and It Made Me Feel Excited to Shop From Home Again

As a shopping editor, I have always been curious to try Trunk Club, Nordstrom's clothing subscription service. When I had the chance to test it out for myself, I immediately hopped on board. Because many stores are currently closed due to the pandemic, my excitement for shopping has dwindled. Being able to go to a store, feel fabrics, and try on pieces in a fitting room is unmatched by endlessly perusing websites. I was curious to see how a shopping service would compare.

How It Works

When I signed up for Trunk Club, the site prompted me to take an in-depth (yet fun!) quiz that asked about my sense of style, sizes, and budget. Once that was complete, I was matched with a stylist who took a day to pull pieces for me that she thought I'd like. Once my trunk was curated, I got to take a look at it online, get rid of pieces that weren't my taste, and receive a few surprise replacements. My box was then shipped to me and came packed with clothes, shoes, and accessories, tailored to fit my preferences. I tried them on, kept what I loved, and sent back what I didn't. I logged into my profile, let Trunk Club know what I was returning, then mailed it back to them with the preprinted shipping label they provide. They didn't charge me until I let them know what I was keeping, which I really appreciated.

The Verdict

I thought I might enjoy Trunk Club, but I had no idea that I would absolutely love it. It was like having my own mini department store inside my apartment. Trying on tons of pieces from cool brands like Good American, Girlfriend Collective, ASTR the Label, Zella, and Madewell got me pumped to create new outfits with my purchases. I chose to go for a more casual and comfy selection of items while I work from home, but I could totally ask for dressier pieces in the future. The flexibility and easiness of the process was refreshing, and I'll definitely be getting more boxes this year.

Who Would Like This Service?

Whether you get overwhelmed by a huge selection of clothes, or you just miss in-person shopping, Trunk Club works for a variety of needs. They will also adhere to your budget, which is important. I highly recommend giving the service a try.

Read on to see every single item I received in my box and how I wore them. It's great to view the value and product information, so you can know what to expect in future boxes. Let's take a look!


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